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Article: How to Use Selenite

Selenite tower on a desk with lush plants in the background.

How to Use Selenite

Selenite is a high-vibrational stone, meaning it uplifts the energy and frequency around it.

If you're newer to selenite or it's properties, you can read more about selenite here.

Note: The images in this article show "satin spar" selenite from Morocco, but this information applies to all types of selenite. If you aren't sure if "satin spar" and "regular selenite" are both acceptably called (just) selenite (they are), or if you have heard that "satin spar isn't selenite" (it is), please go back and read the article linked here). 

What is selenite used for?

You can (and should!) use selenite for:

1) lighting your path.

Literally AND figuratively. Selenite lamps are a great addition to your physical space: use them for a soft evening glow, as a nightlight, or in that corner that’s always just a bit too dark. You know the one. It’s also great for illuminating what you need to know or see.

2) cleansing your space.

Selenite can clear and cleanse…whether it’s in the form of a sphere, lamp, wand, or any other shape you have around. Just like you cleanse with smoke, try cleansing with selenite (obv don’t actually light it with a flame, though. Of course, right??)

3) connecting.

Selenite can help you connect with higher realms: Truth, divinity, oneness. You’re supported…let selenite help you to KNOW that.

Who is selenite for?

Selenite is a perfect choice for so many reasons: it's really a foundational crystal that everyone should have in their crystal collection or kit. It's a great stone for beginners, as well as advanced crystal lovers or practitioners. 

If you're newer to selenite, spend some time with it and see what kinds of messages it can offer you. If you've been working with it for a while, try going back and looking at (and feeling its energy) again, with fresh eyes. How can you tune in even more deeply? How can you hear the messages and insight selenite has for you, even more clearly? 

Enjoy working with selenite!

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