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Article: Why You Need Support

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Why You Need Support

Why get support from a crystal healer or instructional designer? 

A lot of us grew up hearing messages that independence was the way to go, so we tried to be hyper independent in our lives: not wanting support, not wanting to be a burden, and learning to depend only on ourselves.

However, there are definitely reasons that you may want to seek support, whether you're heading along the path of energy work or creating an online course for your work or business...or for/with anything else, really

In this audio blog, I discuss three ways that support from a crystal healer or instructional designer can help you along your path. 

1. They can help you see things more clearly. 
2. While there "aren't any rules," there ARE better/best practices. 
3. You can leverage their experience - to enhance your own. 

Listen now!

Are you a heart-centered biz wanting to create an online course?

If you're a spiritual entrepreneur, creative, or other heart-led human with something to say and you'd love support with creating an online course, workshop, or experience, check out BLUEPRINT: where we'll work together 1:1 to fully map out and design your online course over 4 weeks. 

It includes 1:1 Zoom calls, private Voxer access, cheat sheets, and more - click the button below to get started or to see all the details!

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