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Article: 12 Reasons We Love Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones on a paper on a desk.

12 Reasons We Love Tumbled Stones

tumbled stones

 what are tumbled stones good for

How do you use tumbled stones?

Tumbled stones are the jack-of-all-trades crystals: they are versatile, often affordable, and have tons of uses. 

They might get overlooked at times, since they are not as flashy as a quartz cluster, or as stunning as a huge amethyst geode. But tumbled stones are a beloved way to collect, learn about, and use crystals - and for good reason!

Here are 12 reasons we love tumbled stones: 

They Are Easy to Find

One of the best things about tumbled stones is that they are so easy to find. Online shops, brick and mortar shops, and gem shows all usually have a variety of tumbled stones.

They are Inexpensive 

Tumbled stones are usually pretty affordable: so you can try different crystals before you buy a larger piece, grow your collection, and even get stones that are otherwise really pricey, for much less than a large piece.

If you're watching your budget, or if you are newer to crystals and just want to dip a toe in, before you decide whether or not to buy a larger crystal, tumbled stones are a great option!

They Don't Take Up Much Room 

When you start to grown your crystal collection, space can be an issue - especially if you love the larger display pieces! Tumbled stones make it easy to have a large variety of crystals - but also keep them confined to a pretty small space. You can fit quite a few tumbled stones in a glass dish (that can double as a pretty display), in a jewelry box, or even in a bin. 

You Can Carry them With You

Whether you put them in your pocket, your purse, or your bra, tumbled stones are the perfect size to carry with you: they're big enough that you can hold onto them a bit, but small enough that they won't weigh you down (well...unless you put a whole bunch in your purse ;) ). 

They are a great way to remind you of your intentions, spend time with new pieces, and be in the energy of your crystal(s) on the go. 

You Can Hold Them In Your Hands

...and easily, at that. Larger stones can be difficult to meditate with: they can be bulky, heavy, or even oddly-shaped. Small tumbled stones are perfect for holding in your hand(s), or even placing around you as you sit or lie down: they are light, smooth, and easy to fit in even smaller hands.

You Can Use Them As Decor

Fill a bowl (cut glass or crystal is always a beautiful choice) with your favorite tumbles and let them be a healing centerpiece on a table, shelf, or dresser.

Bonus: If you keep pretty bowls in various rooms throughout your home, they'll always be nearby: so you can grab one any time you want a boost of crystal energy.

You Can Sleep With Them Under Your Pillow 

Have you ever tried sleeping with a quartz cluster under your pillow? Me, either - but I'm sure it's not a great idea. Tumbled stones are perfect for this: they're small, they won't disrupt you, and they're not very breakable. If you hate waking up and realizing they have rolled away in the middle of the night, try putting them in your pillow case. As long as they're still under your pillow, they won't bother you - and you won't have to go hunting for them in the morning.

Bonus: If you keep a pretty bowl of crystals on your night stand (double duty as decor), you'll always have them nearby, so they're ready when you are heading to bed.

You Can Keep Them In Your Car

If you want to feel energetically protected while on the go, you can stash some crystals in your car! These are perfect to keep your mobile vibes high - and, if you find yourself somewhere you could use a bit of energetic support, but didn't bring your crystals, you can just head out to your car and grab them. 

Since they're small, they fit perfectly in cupholders, seat pockets, glove compartments, under seats, or in any other small area. Try black tourmaline for energetic protection and emf mitigation, selenite for clearing any frustration from your drive, and/or amethyst to bring luck and safety during travels. 

You Can Use Them In Crystal Grids 

After being able to carry them with you, I'd say that in crystal grids are one of the top ways that tumbled stones are used - and it's easy to see why! There is a huge variety of tumbled stone types, sizes, and shapes: perfect for a variety of gridding needs!

Want to get started with a very basic crystal grid? Try a clear quartz tower in the center, then place 4 tumbled stones around it. There is a lot you can learn about working with, designing, and activating crystal grids, if you choose to - but this basic setup will get you started right away!

You Can Use Them to Make a "Medicine" Pouch 

This is an easy way to create an intentional energetic and focal piece to carry with you or place under your pillow when you sleep. All you need is a drawstring bag and some tumbled stones - although you could add in shells, dried flowers or herbs, your intentions or desires written on a piece of paper, or anything else that feels supportive.

To get started, choose a few stones that align with your intention - like rose quartz for love, amethyst for intuition and spiritual connection, or sodalite for clear speaking), add them to the bag, and you've got a basic intention pouch!

You Can Add Them To Your Plant Pots 

Crystals go so well with plants - they're a perfect pair! You can use tumbles in your plant pots to bring the energy of growth and health to your plants (try green crystals, such as moss agate or green aventurine, or clear quartz).

You Can Add Them To Moon Water 

If you are making moon water, you could also sprinkle in a few tumbled stones to add another energetic layer. If you add crystals, be sure that they are water safe. Some great crystals to try for this purpose are clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, or citrine.

(Note: We never recommend drinking moon water - and that includes moon water infused with crystals)

What do you love about tumbled stones?

So there we go: 12 things we love about tumbled stones! Do you love them? What is your favorite tumbled stone you have in your collection? Are there any unique ways YOU use tumbled stones? 


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