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PROTECTING + ILLUMINATING:: Hand-Selected Velvet Sheen Obsidian Tumbles | 1 Piece

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Rainbow Obsidian, with its iridescent layers, acts as a beacon of light in your journey through darkness, guiding you towards healing and wholeness. Unlike its darker counterpart, this stone not only protects but also illuminates your path with hope and optimism. You can think of each layer of Rainbow Obsidian holding a lesson, a key to unlocking deeper emotional insights and understanding. It gently nudges you to explore the emotional depths of your being, encouraging you to release pain and heal past wounds. This stone is particularly adept at soothing heartache and dissolving emotional blockages, wrapping you in a cocoon of comfort and nurturing energy as you navigate through periods of grief or change.

Rainbow Obsidian is your ally in transforming negative energy into a spectrum of positive possibilities. It inspires growth by revealing the beauty and strength that can arise from challenges, much like a rainbow after a storm. This vibrant stone encourages you to embrace your true self, including your vulnerabilities, with love and acceptance. It enhances self-reflection, leading to profound discoveries about your inner landscape and how you relate to the world around you. Rainbow Obsidian's helps you with self-discovery and renewal, as well as finding joy and fulfillment in the process of becoming whole again. Let this stone be your reminder that even in darkness, there is light, hope, and endless potential for transformation.

Each piece has been hand-selected and has either velvet sheen or rainbow sheen. You will receive one (1) piece, similar to those shown.