Crystals for the New Year

Crystals for the New Year

Happy New Year! It's the time for fresh perspectives, new beginnings, and the energy of all of the possibility the future holds

If you're looking for some crystals to support intention setting, looking forward, and getting into the energy of a new year, I've put together the perfect list for you. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is probably my top pick for a new year's crystal and that is because it is so versatile! We know that clear quartz is a stone that is easily programmable for any intention: so no matter what your goals are this year, clear quartz is an excellent stone to reach for, to help you bring those dreams into reality. Clear quartz is also a stone of amplification: so while you are focusing your energy on the goals you've set, clear quartz can help to amplify that energy and give you even more of a boost. Clear quartz also promotes clarity: so if you're still not sure what you want from 2021, sit with clear quartz for a bit and see what insights you have. It just might be the thing that helps you to get crystal clear (haha yeah, I did that ;) ) on your intentions.  


Amethyst is such a perfect stone for the new year: and it's so accessible. Amethyst is a stone of wisdom, peace, connection, and intuition. If you're looking to create a more peaceful, calm, soul-led experience heading into the new year, give amethyst a try. It's an excellent stone to work with during meditation, and some find it an excellent stone for deep sleep (although some find it enhances their dreams too much, resulting in a less-restful sleep; since stones can affect each person differently, you may want to give it a try for a night or two and see what happens). Amethyst is also a stone of higher connection: if you are looking to listen more to your soul's guidance, or experience connection to a higher realm, use amethyst to help you tap in.


Selenite helps to clear and cleanse the energy around us, as well as to raise the vibration of our space. As we move into 2021, selenite is an excellent choice to help clear out anything old and stagnant, while ushering in all of the good, fresh, clear vibes.

Black Tourmaline

Get this year off on the right foot with black tourmaline: that is, one that is firmly planted on the ground, so you can move forward on a solid foundation! Black tourmaline is deeply grounding and protecting, so it's a perfect stone to work with to make sure that you are clearing out any energetic "gunk" from 2020, so that you can move into the new year clear, connected, and ready to move forward from a place of rooted connection to the earth.


It's no surprise that citrine is on this list: it's an excellent stone for manifestation and abundance. After you've gotten clear on your intentions, use some citrine to help you feel the energy of abundance, joy, warmth, and a sunny disposition to help call the physical manifestation of those intentions into your life. Citrine is also a stone that supports the 3rd chakra: you can think will power, stamina, and forward movement - all of which will help you actually accomplish those 2021 goals! 


    Labradorite is a stone of intuition, new beginnings (a reason you often see it recommended as a stone for the new moon), and transformation. It's easy to see why it's a perfect stone for the new year: many of us look to the new year as a time of transformation and change, as well as a fresh start (whatever that may mean for each of us). Labradorite can help usher in the energy of change while helping us to connect with our intuition - which creates a powerful combination of intentions: change, guided by our highest knowing. If you're starting something new, or want to harness the energy of the beginning of a new year, try some labradorite to help you connect to that energy.