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GROWTH-ENHANCING:: Pyrite in Epidote Tower | Stock ABC

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Pyrite in Epidote is a unique combination that marries the manifesting and protective qualities of Pyrite with the growth-enhancing and releasing properties of Epidote. This synergy creates a powerful tool for transformation, offering you the ability to see through the façade of limitations and embrace the abundance that life has to offer. Pyrite, often called Fool’s Gold, brings its energy of strength, willpower, and determination, encouraging you to pursue your goals with confidence. Meanwhile, Epidote enhances your perception, allowing you to recognize patterns that may be holding you back, and encourages the shedding of those habits to make way for positive growth. This stone duo is particularly effective for those looking to amplify their personal power and propel themselves towards achieving their dreams.

The combination of Pyrite and Epidote also fosters a deep connection to the Earth, grounding you and helping to balance your energies during times of change. It stimulates an awareness of the natural world and your place within it, promoting a sense of responsibility for your life's direction. The protective aspect of Pyrite shields you from negative influences, while Epidote's clarifying energy opens your heart and mind to new experiences and perspectives. Together, they create an environment where you can thrive, free from the constraints of past disappointments and ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. This mineral pairing is a powerful ally in navigating the complexities of personal transformation, supporting you in your journey toward a more fulfilled and authentic existence.

Some of these towers may also contain small amounts of copper and/or chrysocolla.

You will receive the exact (1) piece shown.