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Article: 7 Crystal Mistakes You're Probably Making - And How to Fix Them

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7 Crystal Mistakes You're Probably Making - And How to Fix Them

Ever wonder if you're doing crystals wrong?

There's so much info out well as some crystal warnings. Today, we're going to take a deep dive into a few of them. 

Here are 7 crystals mistakes you're probably making...and how to fix them. 

1. You're not letting your intuition choose which ones you need.

Let yourself feel pulled to crystals. Let yourself be "weirdly" (spoiler: it's not weird, it's on purpose) into specific colors, types of crystals, shapes, locations, etc. I shop almost entirely by what makes me say, "whoa - I need THAT." 

"Letting your intuition choose" may even mean using your brain/logic/research to decide. If you love to read, find information, analyze, and deduce, that's totally fine! That can absolutely be your intuition, telling you to learn more and weigh some options, before you decide what's right for you. I've chosen crystals this way, too - and have been so glad I've done so.

Fix it: Trust yourself to know which crystals are right for you.

2. You're too worried about crystal fakes.

Are some crystals heated, treated, altered, or outright phony? Yes. In most reputable online or in-person crystal shops, do you *really* need to worry about that? NO. 

I say this for a few reasons: 

a) Most (not all) crystals are actually real. Really. Truly. The vast, vast majority of crystals on the market are real. Again, yes, some are not (to varying degrees). But most are. There are entire, enormous booths at the Tucson Gem Show, selling wholesale to hundreds or thousands of vendors, who do not have one "fake" crystal in their booth. 

b) Most vendors actually want to tell you the truth. Look for shops (like this one) that notes when crystals are not natural or are manmade. Also, look for sellers who are knowledgeable about their crystals and have been "around" enough to know about what is what. Some wholesalers, especially from outside of the U.S., do their best to sell crystals correctly - but words get lost in translation or they simply mix up commonly-confused crystals (someday, I will give a TED Talk about celestite versus blue calcite and how to tell them apart...but that day is not today I wrote a blog all about how to tell whether a crystal is blue calcite or celestite!). Shops who haven't been working with crystals long may not be able to spot these differences. But those who have been around for a while and immersed in the crystal industry often will. 

(Looking for more of my take on crystal fakes? Check out my low-cost e-book, here. There's a whole section on this issue.)

Fix it: Relax. Shop with reputable sellers. And also, if you do buy a crystal that you love and is a fake...consider that maybe there was something about that piece that made you happy, even in the moment. And maybe, even just that is a little bit of magic? 

3. You let other people (including me) be the final authority on what you should/shouldn't do with your crystals.

I'm not the boss of crystals. That top crystal expert all over the Internet doesn't know the only/best/most effective way to use them.

Crystals "work" because they are energy. People are energetic beings. Different people tolerate, sense, relate to, and resonate with energy in different ways. That means different crystals will work (or not work) for different people. Some methods will be better for some people than others. Some teachers, healers, or channels will be better-suited to some people than others. That's literally how all of everything in life works: and it's no different when we're talking about crystals.

When you add your own knowledge, intuition, deep wisdom, and preferences to the basics - that's where the magic really happens.

Fix it: Learn the rules so you can break them. Learn the foundations, so you can go beyond them. 

Note: There actually is ONE crystal energy/healing rule I've heard from a teacher I respected a whole lot, that he took very seriously and so I do, too: never point a crystal wand at a tumor. Crystal points direct energy. You actually don't want to direct energy TO a tumor: you don't want to support it or help it. Makes sense - so I just leave it at that. But again: this fits right in with learning the basics, so you can integrate them.

4. You're not giving crystals enough credit.

They don't really work. It's all in my head. It's crazy, right? This can't be possible. We've probably all said or thought something like along these lines, yeah? And, if not about crystals, probably about something similar. 

Everything is possible. Lights were once a crazy idea. So was flying in what we now know as airplanes. We've been conditioned to ignore things that don't make logical sense - yet, as a species, we still have so much to learn. So much to discover. There is still so, so much that is unexplainable within our current thinking.

Just because crystals don't work like a light switch, doesn't mean they don't work. Just because there isn't a tool (yet) to measure crystal healing, doesn't mean it doesn't support you. Just because we don't have the answers yet, doesn't mean that it's because there isn't one.

And don't forget: crystals work in other ways, beyond just their energetic properties. They bring joy. They add beauty. They are a way to connect with the earth. They can be fun to shop for. They are great focal points in meditation. They are craft-able. They are natural art... They don't have to DO something, to be pretty spectacular all on their own.

Fix it: Let yourself feel, as well as think. Just because you believe something, doesn't make it undeniably true...but also, just because we don't fully understand something *yet* doesn't make it impossible. Enjoy crystals for what they ARE. 

5. You're too worried about doing crystals "right."

This is similar to #3 above. There's no "wrong way" to do crystals. There's no wrong way to enjoy them. There's no wrong way to choose them. There's no wrong way to meditate with them. Use them in ways that work for you. Don't use them in ways that don't work for you. And don't feel bad about any of it. 

Fix it: Have fun! Trust yourself. Trust your crystals. Let it be easy and feel good.

6. You're thinking of crystals as a one-time deal.

"I did this one thing with this crystal this one time and nothing happened."

This is like the light switch example I gave above. Crystals are not light switches. Crystals are not allopathic medicine. Crystals do not perform surgery. 

Energy takes time. Energy is subtle. Crystals CAN benefit you in the short term/quickly, yes; but there's also value to letting them subtly influence you/your space over time. It's less obvious. It's usually much slower. But it can be just as powerful, in the right circumstances. 

Fix it: Make space. Allow. Be patient. Be open. Hold your beliefs and intentions.

7. You're afraid they're "too powerful" for you.

Or that, if you choose the wrong one, something "bad" will happen. Not sure what I mean? See the recent TikTok moldavite craze, where the "challenge" was to get a piece of moldavite and see what parts of your life it would ruin. 


Nothing bad is going to happen from crystals. If they feel strong to you, only work with them for a short time, or keep them in a lower-traffic room (maybe an out of the way closet or drawer, if you are very sensitive). I'm going to say this again: if you are attracted to a crystal, it's for you (if you want it!). If you are curious about a crystal, it's for you (if you want it!). If you want to try out a crystal to see if you like it, it's for you (if you want it!). If you don't like a crystal, don't want a crystal, or don't feel good around a crystal, don't get that crystal.

Do you see the theme here? People telling you definitively that certain crystals are bad for you, too strong for you, too "high vibration" for you, too {whatever} for you, ...well, first, they're not you. So how would they know? Let's leave it at that. You don't have to take on others' hang ups, superstitions, wives' tales, fears, experiences, or beliefs - including about crystals. 

Fix it: Don't automatically assume a crystal is "too much" or "too advanced" for you. There actually aren't any rules about who can (or can't) buy which crystals. If you like it, give it a try if you want to! If you decide you don't like it, that's totally fine! You're also allowed to change your mind - with crystals and with everything. 

Want to learn more about crystals? 

I've been working with crystals for over 20 years - and have been fascinated by them since I was a kid. I know my way around gem shows, crystal shops, and crystals from around the world. I'm also a Certified Crystal Healer and Advanced Crystal Master - and I've taken the expensive courses, so you don't have to.

Check out my Crystal Confident e-book: it's a low-cost way to get started learning all about crystals: how to choose them, buy them, use them, and more. It's filled with tips, tricks, and info for any stage of your crystal journey. 

Or, check out more of my totally FREE content by reading through my blog posts and downloading my free pdf e-guides.  

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