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Article: Crystals for Winter

a woman in a sweater holding a quartz crystal

Crystals for Winter

crystals for winter
crystals for winter

Here are 6 of the best crystals to work with in the winter 

Winter's chill, cold, and darkness is here. It's a perfect time for stillness, reflection, enjoying the warmth of your home and your loved ones, and resting. Oh, and also fires, hot cocoa, snow days, and warm scarves.

If you're looking for some crystals to support you through the cold months, I've put together the perfect list for you. 

Clear Quartz

Reminiscent of the snow and ice that may be outside your window, clear quartz literally looks like water that was frozen so deeply it became permanently crystallized. Clear quartz is a perfect stone for gazing. It's also a great stone for programming for any intention: so if you have a goal you are working toward, clear quartz can help - no matter what that is. Clear quartz is also said to be a stand-in for any other crystal: so if you are missing one from this list that you wish you had, try a quartz crystal in its place.

Read more about clear quartz. 


Gorgeous rubies vibrate with the energies of love and passion, as well as physical energy and vibrance. Give fiery ruby a try to keep you warm during the cold season and to keep your outlook on love and life glowing.


Another icy stone, that often glitters with beautiful, deep blue crystals, azurite is a stone of intuition, spirituality, and creativity. Use azurite to help boost your efforts during your quieter winter evenings: let it help with starting a new hobby, reconnecting with your inner knowing, learning something new, or diving deeper into the magic of the Universe.


Selenite reminds us of the presence of light, even in the dark. This glowy stone is excellent for clearing our space and keeping the energy clean and light. You can also try selenite candle holders to visually add light anywhere you need some. 


Deep, dark, red garnet sets a perfect tone for the winter season. It is a stone of love, trust, and devotion, and is said to help maintain a connection to the earth, stay grounded, and increase energy: all perfect things, while many of us are stuck inside with less connection to nature and the earth. Garnet is also a birthstone for January - one of the coldest months of the year.


Warm, sunny citrine is a perfect stone for winter: it can provide a much-needed sunny boost, when daylight hours are at a minimum. It's also a stone for abundance; so if your manifestations for the new year have to do with bringing in more of what you desire, citrine is an excellent choice to work with.

Winter is a time of dormancy. Very few plants grow and thrive during the winter. Instead, they lay dormant, resting and conserving energy, until they begin to regenerate and bloom in the spring. 

Winter, for many of us, is a similar time: it's colder and darker, so we stay in, move a bit more slowly, and nourish ourselves with warm food, drinks, and blankets. 

I've put together a few journal ideas, if you'd like to reflect on this season and how you might be resting and restoring, for more-active times of the year.

  • What parts of you feel dormant during this season? This could be something physical (you feel more tired, overall), something related to what you do (you're a bit less active than you are during other seasons), or mental/emotional (your creativity is a bit lower, and you are feeling more like taking in - maybe reading - as opposed to putting out). 
  • If you haven't slowed down in any areas of your life (or if you feel like you've slowed down in some areas, but you have a feeling you should be slowing down somewhere esle), do you feel like you need to? Tune in and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.
  • How do you feel about this dormancy? Are you flowing with it - or are you resisting it? 
  • How can this break support you? What is good about taking some time off, in whatever way that is manifesting for you? 
  • What is your favorite part (or parts) about this time of year? Even if winter is your least favorite season, what parts of it do you find comforting, enjoyable, or supportive? 
  • While you take in the winter season, what are you resting for? What are you looking forward to "planting" in the spring, that will benefit from you conserving energy right now? 




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