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Article: Tapping Into Halloween Magic All Year

A collection of witchy accessories: a small cauldron, crystals, and candles

Tapping Into Halloween Magic All Year

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Tapping into the magic within you

What is it about this time of year that ignites so much magic within so many people? 

Is it...the transition to cooler nights? 

Is it the start of the holiday season? 

Is it the opportunity to be anyone or anything? 

I think it's the permission we give ourselves to believe a little (or a lot) more deeply in magic.

In the season of witches, ghosts, potions, spells, and otherworldly monsters, everything seems more possible. The mysterious and strange is the norm, not the outlier. The impossible feels close. Magic seems real. 

This season is a great time to tap into our inner magic: the magician, the witch, the spell worker, the dream weaver, the alchemist. But what if we allowed ourselves to tap into this all year long? 

Here are 3 crystals you can use to tap into the magic of the season...but also, that you can use all year 'round, to keep the magic alive within you. 


Amethyst connects us to and strengthens our third eye and crown chakras: intuition, knowing, clarity, wisdom, and connection to the divine. 

It's a crystal of royalty, of readers, of intuitives. It's a stone of magic, possibility, and inspired action. It's here as a support, as well as an anchor. 

Additionally, amethyst is said to be a stone that is good for everyone - a crystal "jack of all trades," in a way. Amethyst has also said to be helpful for headaches, may help you feel less stressed, and may bring calm, peaceful feelings.

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Creative sparks. Flashes of new ideas and ways of doing things. Increased dedication to the things you are passionate about. Movement and energy. This is the magic of pyrite. It's a perfect complement to amethyst, but an excellent stone to work with all by itself. 

Also called Fool's Gold (for its appearance and shiny, golden similarities to the precious metal), pyrite is said to bring good luck and wealth. Sparkling pyrite can help to spark creativity, aid in manifestation practices, boost self confidence and willpower, and nourish your solar plexus chakra. Pyrite is also known as a stone of protection, which can help in shielding one from negative energy.

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Intuition. Possibility. Creation. Magic. Protection. These are the energies that labradorite connects us with. It's a perfect crystal for the season of magic - and for bringing that magic into your everyday life, all year long. 

Labradorite is a stone of both magic and protection. It can help you to enhance your intuition, increase synchronicity in your life, and help you to remember and embrace the ways in which YOU shine. It can also help you cut through the illusions to find the truth in situations and dispel negativity. 

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Opal is an interesting stone: common lore warns us of the "bad luck" brought by opals if you don't follow the rules...but in truth, opals are valuable tools for crystal magic, as well as their persistent monetary and social value (primarily through their use in jewelry). Opals were once highly sought after: so much so, that diamond sellers wanted to discourage people from buying them, to boost their own profits. From that, came the false story that buying opals for yourself wold bring bad luck. 

Opal is said to be a great stone for those who want to change something, but lack courage or persistence. Opal talismans can help you get stronger, learn new things, and become a better version of yourself. Additionally, wearing, touching, and even just observing opals is said to help boost your psychic abilities.

Sounds like the perfect stone to add to your collection - right? 

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Pretty pink danburite is yet another crystal fave of mine. It has a high vibration and comes in some pretty spectacular variation: super clear, rainbow-filled, accentuated with funky calcite crystals...and even covered with sparkly, druzy quartz. Pink danburite is also frequently accompanied by pyrite, enhancing its manifestation energy. It's on this list because of its ability to aid in healing past lives, assist in dream work, and help in recalling and learning from past lives. 

Danburite is a stone of unconditional love, happiness, self acceptance, and giving. It is said to have a high, pure vibration which can help you connect to and enhance your spirituality. This stone of divine connection supports the heart chakra, as well as your mind. 

How can you keep your inner magic alive? 

Crystals, daily rituals, herbs, essential oils...all of these can be used to tap into your inner wisdom, inner knowing, and inner alchemist. What will you try? What will your practices include? 

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Wishing you all the magic, this season and beyond 

xx Kristen  

p.s. Looking for even more crystals for the season?

Check out last year's blog: Crystals for Halloween, for my top 5 picks. 

These crystals are great for Halloween, Samhain (a celebration of the end of harvest and entrance into the winter season; pronounced "sowin"), and Dia De Los Muertos (which is separate from a Halloween/Samhain celebration, but occurs around the same time - on November 1 and 2).

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