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Metaphysical Properties of Crystals


I created this handy guide as a quick reference of common stones and meanings that you can access on your phone, laptop, or tablet - no heavy book to carry around!

There are currently more than 100 crystals and crystal properties* listed - so take a look, scroll through, and see what kind of energy your favorite crystal is helping to call into your life. I carry many of these in my shop, but please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for something specific!

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Abalone shells are durable exoskeletons that at one time housed mollusks. While not crystals, abalone shells are beautiful, with iridescent colors and have been prized by many for centuries. Abalone shells are said to enhance clarity, communication, peace, and intuition.


Adamite is a stone of inner strength, courage, and heart-mind balance. It is said to help bring clarity, strength, awareness, courage, and creativity. Adamite is also said to help you find ways to better express your thoughts and feelings, reconnect with your partner, and help you strengthen your boundaries. It may also help you to activate skills and opportunities that can advance your personal life as well as enhance any potential business ventures or entrepreneurial endeavors you may be considering.


Afghanite is said to stimulate the third eye and throat chakras, enhancing intuition, psychic abilities, and clear communication. It is also said to promote peace, serenity, and emotional healing, making it an ideal crystal for meditation and spiritual growth.


Agate, which is part of the quartz family, is a variety of banded chalcedony that forms in layers of translucent bands and swirls. Agate is a common stone that forms in many colors, varieties, and patterns - and can be found around the world. Agate is said to promote balance and stability, help people connect to the Earth, and support calm. It is is also said to be soothing and aid in relaxation. This makes it an especially good stone for meditation. Even though it’s properties tend to be on the slow, calming, and soothing spectrum, this doesn’t mean that agate is not also a stone of strength: it just works in a way that is more slow and steady than some other stones.


Amazonite is a beautiful, blue-green stone named after the Amazon River in South America. It is said to be calming, soothing, and balancing. With its gorgeous hue, it's a great stone to support the throat chakra, as well as the heart chakra. Amazonite is said to help you speak more confidently and with truth.


Amethyst is ones of the stones typically associated with the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head. As such, it is said to be a connection to spirituality and the divine, as may help you to increase your intuition. Amethyst is said to be a stone that is good for everyone - a crystal "jack of all trades," in a way. Amethyst has also said to be helpful for headaches, may help you feel less stressed, and may bring calm, peaceful feelings.


Ametrine is a combination of amethyst (purple) and citrine (yellow) and, therefore, carries the properties of both. Ametrine can connect your thoughts (amethyst: crown chakra/head) with action (citrine: solar plexus/naval). It is a stone of spirituality and connection, as well as creativity and abundance. Ametrine is said to help ease stress, boost confidence, and increase clarity. It can also help spark inspiration and focus.

Amphibole Quartz (Angel Wing Quartz, Jupiter Quartz)

Amphibole quartz is a type of quartz that often has beautiful inclusions of several minerals, including hematite (red), lithium (pink), limonite (yellow), and kaolinite (white). Amphibole quartz may assist you with dreaming vividly, connecting to your guides, and dispelling negative energy. Because of the hematite inclusions, it is also said to be a grounding stone.


The spiral shape of ammonite fossils holds the energy of change and evolution, as well as the drawing out of negative energy.

Ananda Quartz (Anandalite, Aurora Quartz)

Aurora Quartz is a type of quartz that has natural, luminescent flashes on many of its points. The look (the colors and flash) might remind you of Angel Aura Quartz, but those have been treated with metals (usually either titanium or silver) to give them their vibrant rainbow hues. Aurora Quartz is completely natural (from India), and has these flashes of color due to the presence of rhodium inside of the quartz. Aurora Quartz has been called a stone of "divine bliss" and has a very strong energy. Aurora Quartz is good for the heart; for increasing happiness and joy; for spiritual growth; and for clearing stagnant energy.

Apache Tears

Apache tears are small obsidian droplets, which form when lava solidifies as it falls to the ground, after it is ejected during a volcanic eruption. These dark drops may be rough, polished, or still in their perlite matrix and are translucent when held up to a bright light. Apache tears are said to be gentle healers for grief. As with other forms of obsidian, this fiery stone is also said to be grounding and protecting, and may aid in forgiveness. Apache Tears were named such after a tragic massacre of Apache Indians. Please note that while this description does not go into the history or details of this tribe or event, it is highly recommended that you continue to learn more about this part of history on your own.

Apatite - Blue/Blue-Green

Apatite comes in many colors and is said to be able to clear all of the chakras. The blue-green color is said to be especially good for the third eye and third chakras and can help boost intuition and psychic abilities. Apatite is also said to be able to assist with weight loss when worn or carried, as it can help to curb cravings. Blue-green apatite from Madagascar is also said to be good for prosperity

Apatite – Golden

Golden apatite - also called gold apatite or yellow apatite - is a stone that supports the third (sacral) chakra, with its beautiful yellow hue. This is a stone of vitality, and will support you in creative endeavors. It is also said to help with motivation, self confidence, self worth, manifestation, and passion for life.


Apophyllite is a stone of spiritual connection and energy; clearing and releasing of negative emotions; and is said to help soothe anxiety or frayed nerves. It is also a stone of change.


Aquamarine is a stone of trust, courage, letting go, and calm. You can envision the energy as calm, blue waters that hold you while you peacefully float along. Aquamarine also supports wisdom, intellect, and clarity.


Aragonite is said to be an "Earth healer" stone with grounding, stabilizing, and calming qualities. It is said to help bring confidence, dispel anger, and increase focus.


Atlantisite is a combination of serpentine (green) and stichtite (purple). It is can help you to release confusion, connect you to ancient knowledge, and connect you to the past. It is said to be helpful to tap into wisdom from our own past lives and bring peace. It’s also helpful with peace and calm; self-expression; supporting courage through fear; and activating the third eye.


Azurite often glitters with beautiful, deep blue crystals It is a stone of intuition, spirituality, and creativity. Let it help with starting a new hobby, reconnecting with your inner knowing, learning something new, or diving deeper into the magic of the Universe.

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Bird's Eye Rhyolite

Bird's eye rhyolite is a stone of regeneration, protection, and security. See also: Rhyolite

Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is one of the only stones that can clear the energy of anything it touches. It is a protective stone that also helps with grounding into the Earth’s energy. It is also said to be good for avoiding misunderstandings and can aid in communication. Kyanite is also said to be calming and may be helpful in meditation

Black Moonstone

Black moonstone is a great stone to have as you prepare for the new moon, to help you set your intentions and focus on identifying what you know (either intuitively or outwardly). It is a perfect stone for the new moon as it has a dark and mysterious yet feminine energy.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a "heavy" stone: it's weighty and can help to really get you connected with the Earth. It is also said to be a very protective stone. When I have a hard time winding down from the day and can't sleep, I'll grab one of these and it helps me ground almost instantly, so I can fall asleep.

Blue Calcite

With its soothing blue color, blue calcite is great for the throat chakra and the third eye, and is said to help enhance communication and dream recall. It can also support your spiritual endeavors. It is said to be calming and helpful for those who have difficulty sleeping at night due to overactive thoughts.

Blue Kyanite 

Blue kyanite supports the throat chakra and, as such, is great for enhancing communication and speech. It emits a peaceful energy that can help you connect to your truth in a way that helps you speak powerfully, but consciously - taking care to preserve others' feelings in the exchange. Blue kyanite also supports the third eye chakra, enhancing intuition, clarity of thought, and deeper meditation.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a gorgeous, banded, light blue stone which has a soothing, calming effect. It is said to be helpful with confidence in speaking, finding your voice, and knowing what to say and what to hold back.

Blue Smoke Colombian Lemurian Quartz

These gorgeous crystals have teeny particles on the inside that scatter light in the same way that makes the sky blue, and gorgeous specks of the rare lithium-based mineral cookeite on the outside. Also called blue mist quartz and Lemurian mist quartz, these crystals are said to help reconnect you with your soul’s true magic, raise your vibration, and connect you with the divine.


Brachiopods are fossilized bivalves (creatures with clam-like looks, but which have a different anatomy than clams). While there are some brachiopods still alive today, they were much more prevalent in the past and, particularly, in the Paleozoic era - which means they've been around for at least 540 million years!

Brandberg Amethyst

Brandberg Amethysts are found only in Namibia, Africa, in the high Brandberg mountains and the neighboring Goboboseb Mountains in the Namib desert. The Brandberg is considered a sacred site, with over 40,000 rock paintings by the San (Bushmen) tribe. Regardless of their visible color, Brandberg amethysts are always a combination of amethyst, smoky quartz, and quartz, and often have beautiful phantoms inside and/or enhydros. Because of the combination of the three crystals, Brandberg amethysts are said to be master healing stones, helping to reconnect you with deep soul wisdom, unconditional love, and Divine connection.


Brucite is said to be a stone of planning, decision making, and goal setting. It is said to be cooling stone, good for removing excess heat from the body as well as in interpersonal situations. Yellow brucite from Pakistan is a relatively new find (early 2017). With its sunny, bright yellow coloring, brucite supports the naval (3rd) chakra.

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Calcite is one of the more abundant minerals in the Earth. It is a stone that is said to amplify energy, help it flow, and reduce energetic blocks. It is said to be helpful in learning and studying, as well as in boosting your energy and vitality.


Carnelian is a fantastic stone for the lower chakras - root (1st), sacral (2nd), and solar plexus (3rd). It's a stone of creativity, motivation, sexuality, courage, passion, and action. If you need help getting moving, fiery carnelian would be a good energetic support.

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Cavansite is a gorgeous, vivid cerulean blue stone that is said to bring wisdom, clarity, and understanding. It is said to enhance both spiritual and psychic connection and is said to bring joy and optimism.

Celestite (Celestine)

Celestite is known for its high-frequency energy and has been said to provide a connection to the angels. It can be helpful with calming the mind and helping with relaxation. It is also said to be helpful with things that are mind-related: connecting to your intuition, developing your psychic gifts, and aiding in clarity.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron amethyst is amethyst with V-shaped bands of white quartz (i.e., chevron shapes). In addition to the general properties of amethyst, chevron amethyst is said to be especially helpful in strengthening the third eye. It is also said to help boost the immune system, help you accept change with more ease, and dispel negativity.


The presence of chlorite in quartz is said to amplify its healing and clearing properties, for both the body and the aura - creating a powerful detoxing effect.


Chrysocolla is a stone of balance and calming and is said to be helpful for stress. It is said that if you are attracted to chrysocolla, you may be experiencing burnout. It is said to be particularly helpful for those who do a lot of work with computers and is also said to have a feminine energy that supports the heart and throat chakras, with its blue-green color.


Citrine is the stone of abundance, manifestation, creativity, and strong 3rd chakra/solar plexus energy. It is warming, sunny, and uplifting. Citrine is also a variety of quartz - this time, one that reflects the yellow to yellow-orange light spectrum.

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Conichalcite is a copper-based mineral - and forms in circumstances similar to malachite and azurite. This crystal is said to be good for distance healing, connecting to life force energy, and channeling wisdom. It is said to be helpful in relieving stress, bringing about new beginnings, and balancing the heart chakra.


Copper is a metal that has excellent electric and heat conducting properties, which is why you often see it used in electronic devices as wires and connectors. The metaphysical properties of copper reflect this: copper is known as a stone of energy transfer, detoxification, optimism, and initiative. It is also known as a stone of luck.

Cordierite (non-gem quality Iolite)

Cordierite/iolite is a stone of balance, vision, and self-expression. Iolite is the high-quality, gemstone-grade version of cordierite. The gorgeous, deep blue hues of cordierite/iolite support the third eye chakra and may help to encourage you to leave the past in the past and move on, using both your intuition and intellect for guidance as you move forward. Cordierite/iolite is also said to be a stone that supports spiritual journey and may be helpful in meditation and relaxation. Cordierite/iolite may also increase confidence, enhance your motivation, and boost your mood.


Creedite is a rare, high vibration mineral that is said to help primarily with the upper chakras (third eye, crown, and chakras above the head). It is said to help with balance, connecting to Spirit, and achieving a meditative state. Creedite is also said to be stimulate creativity, raise the energy in your workspace, and support career success.

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Danburite is a stone of unconditional love, happiness, self acceptance, and giving. It is said to have a high, pure vibration which can help you connect to and enhance your spirituality. This stone of divine connection supports the heart chakra, as well as your mind.

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate is said to be a stone of prosperity and manifestation, as well as self-confidence. It also has all of the properties of agate. Dendritic agate does not typically have the characteristic, swirly, banded patterns of agate but, instead, has tree or leaf-shaped inclusions in a white-ish matrix. Dendritic agate from Madagascar is also typically referred to as "ocean agate."

Desert Rose (Selenite Rose, Gypsum Rose, Rosette, Sand Rose)

Selenite - a form of gypsum - is a high-vibrational stone and is said to be helpful for grounding, clarity of thought, and self-esteem. Desert roses can be helpful in boosting your creativity and intuition; has a calming effect; and can help you to release old feelings and energy that no longer serve you.

Dragon's Blood Jasper

Dragon's blood jasper is a stone found only in Australia and, according to legend, is the remains of ancient dragons themselves: the skin is the green part and their blood being the red. It is said to be a stone of power, courage, strength, and vitality. Dragon's blood jasper is also said to help with manifesting love and abundance, achieving your goals, and bringing out joy and creativity.

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Elestial Quartz (Skeletal Quartz)

These crystals are amazing for the time that we are living in right now: they are powerful stones for change, connection to Spirit, and deep healing. Looking into one of these beauties, you will see all kind of amazing things (even, sometimes, water trapped eons ago as the crystal was growing and forming). I love holding the flashlight on my phone up to these, and seeing what gorgeousness I can find. Elestials can also help you to see inside of yourself, and recognize the beauty within. It has been also said that you will not be drawn to elestials until you need them. So, if you are, now might be the time to consider supporting yourself with this type of crystal.


Emerald is stone that is said to help support the heart chakra, with its gorgeous green color and peaceful energy. In its clear, high-grade from, emerald is a precious gemstone, known and revered around the world. Emerald is considered to be a stone of love, friendship, and intuition. It is the anniversary gemstone of 20 and 55 years, as well as a May birthstone.


Crystals with one or more enhydros - ancient water bubbles - trapped inside of them. This occurs when quartz forms rapidly, trapping water inside of the crystal. The water bubbles may or may not visibly move inside of the crystal. Enhydros are said to be able to connect you to the wisdom of the past. They can also help to boost the magic and wonder in your life: The simple fact that they formed in such a way to trap water inside - and that it has been preserved for millions of years - is pretty amazing in itself.

Enhydro Agate

Enhydro agates are unique stones. Each one has ancient water inside, trapped there over time as the stone formed. Millions of years later, these stones have been found and polished thinly enough that they are translucent when held up to a strong light. Inside, you can see the trapped water as it bubbles and sloshes around. These gorgeous, unique stones are said to help release old childhood patterning that no longer serves you. They are also said to help you re-connect with water and water energy, if you are in a place where you do not have regular access to a large body of water. Enhydro agates are also said to be greatly affected by the moon - as the moon affects water and there is typically a substantial amount of water inside of these agates, unlike many of the smaller “enhydros” (which are actually “fluid inclusions”) in quartz and amethyst crystals. Because of this, some say that it is especially helpful to charge your enhydro agates under moonlight.


Epidote is known for its ability to enhance personal power, increase abundance, and promote growth and transformation. It is associated with healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth. Epidote is believed to stimulate the energy flow in the body, bringing balance and harmony to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one's being. It is a stone of optimism and confidence, encouraging positive change and supporting the pursuit of goals and dreams.

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Faden Quartz

Faden Quartz (which comes from Pakistan) is a crystal in which a visible line grows perpendicular to crystal growth. They are beautiful, unique, frequently tabular structures. Faden Quartz are great for transmitting energy, and can be programmed easily. It is a strong healing crystal, and helpful in relationships (to communicate clearly and bring the couple closer together). Faden Quartz can also bring truth; especially during meditation, which it can help to deepen.

Fenster Quartz 

Fenster quartz is a type of elestial quartz that has a complex, multidimensional structure. They can support you in releasing patterns that no longer serve you, as well as outdated and unhelpful thoughts. 

Fire Agate

Fire agate is an iridescent stone created from intense volcanic activity and found in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico. Created in layers, fire agates are known for the beautiful display of colors that can be brought out with proper cutting and polishing. Know as “fire,” these stunning colors in a range of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and even purples. Fire agate supports passion, creativity, joy, and vitality. It is a stone of protection, safety, stamina, and determination. Fire agate is also said to promote sexual energy and attract or support love.

Fire and Ice Quartz (Crackle Quartz)

"Fire and Ice" quartz is known for its gorgeous internal cracks, refractions, and rainbows. It's is called "fire and ice" because of how it's made: quartz points are heated up until very hot, and then submerged in ice water - causing all those fractures inside. As such, this kind of quartz holds the properties of fire and ice/water - hot and cold.


Flint is said to be grounding and protective, and may aid in developing your spirituality and is said to support the flow of energy through both your physical and emotional bodies. Flint also energetically assists with enhancing the feelings of security and protection. You can learn more about flint with this blog post and this one. 

Flower Agate

Flower agate (also called cherry blossom agate and plume agate) is a beautiful stone that features incredible flower patterns reminiscent of cherry blossoms in bloom. This stone is said to aid in self-growth, help you reach your full potential, and blossom into the very best version of yourself. Flower agate is also said be helpful for growing a business, manifesting abundance, and fulfilling your dreams. This stone is also a reminder of the beauty, abundance, and mystery that surrounds you. If you haven’t lately, take some time to connect with nature and her inspiration - then use that as you continue to create your life.


Fluorite is a stone of wisdom, strength, and organization - so it’s great for all kind of projects and endeavors that require concentration, including studying.


Fuchsite is a stone for health, compassion, and friendliness. It is a great stone to have when you need support for deep healing, or when you need healing, yourself, after caring for someone who has been ill. It is also a stone of intuition, problem solving, and creativity.


Fulgurite is created when lightning strikes sand, melting it and turning it into a form of natural quartz-based glass. Many times, fulgurite has a hollow interior (where the "strike" happened), a glassy tube surrounding it, and sand on the outside that has fused to it. Working with fulgurite is like having your own little piece of lightning: they are said to be able to help you direct and harness your energy, clear blockages, and connect to a higher channel.

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Garnet is a deep red stone that has been used and loved for centuries. Garnet is said to be a stone of love, trust, and devotion. It is said to create a stronger connection to the Earth, help one to stay grounded, and increase one's energy. Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone and a birthstone for the month of January.


Garnierite is a newer stone on the market, found in Madagascar. It is a beautiful grey-green stone, often with shimmer. The green is the result of the presence of nickel: the more green you see, the more nickel is present. Garnierite is said to help support the heart chakra, help us remember to connect with the Earth, and enhance our connection to the divine.


Geodes are rocks with mostly hollow insides - and which are sometimes lined with crystals! Many geodes you see on the market come from Morocco; however, geodes are found in many locations around the world, including in both North and South America. Geodes are also tools that can help you connect with the energies of rebirthing and clearing. They are said to boost your mood (have you ever broken open a geode before?! It's FUN!); relieve stress (you'll feel like a kid again, in the BEST way), and promote balance.

Grape Agate

Grape agate is such a neat stone! Also called botryoidal (bubble-shaped) chalcedony, grape agate is found in Indonesia and obviously gets its name because of it resemblance to a bunch of gorgeous purple grapes. Grape agate is a stone of intuition, psychic connection, self-confidence, stability, maturity, and relaxation. It is also said to be a stone with a strong connection to Goddess Energy.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a stone of wellness, abundance, and prosperity. It can specifically help you to call in money energy. It is also a stone that supports the heart chakra.

Green Apatite

Green apatite is said to support the heart chakra, enhance creativity, and help you get connected to the healing energy of Mama Earth. Green apatite is also said to be an uplifting stone, as well as a stone that helps with balance.

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Hackmanite is a high-frequency stone that supports your crown chakra, intuition, and universal connection. It is said to be helpful with problem solving, energetic cord cutting, and spiritual development. Hackmanite is also said to be a stone that supports awareness, perception, and deep meditation. You wouldn't know by looking at it: but under uv light, the purple in hackmanite glows a beautiful orange-pink...which intensifies, the longer you keep the uv light on it.

Heart-Shaped Crystals 

Heart shapes connect you with your heart space and the energies of love, giving, and compassion.


Hematite is a stone that is said to be excellent for grounding and balance. It is a stone that supports the root chakra, but is also said to be helpful in balancing and aligning all of the chakras. Hematite is also known as a stone that can help to reduce stress and worry, absorb negative energy, and promote overall balance and calm.

Hematoid Quartz

Hematoid quartz is a stone of balance and stability as well as amplification. This beautiful stone is created from hematite inclusions occurring within quartz. This stone is said to be very grounding and may aid in both removing and transmuting negative energy.

Hemimorphite (Blue)

Blue hemimorphite is a gorgeous, dreamy blue stone that is said to bring about balance. It is an excellent stone for the heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra. It is said to help you connect with your spirit guides, as well as help to increase psychic abilities.

Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are not diamonds at all; instead, they are small, typically clear, double-terminated quartz found in Herkimer County, New York - hence the name. Quartz can help to amplify intentions and energy - and Herkimer diamonds (quartz) are said to be the strongest quartz amplifiers of all. Herkimer diamonds are said to carry the vibration of healing and well-being. They are also typically considered a connection stone: Purchase a pair and gift one to a friend or loved one you would like to stay connected with. As long as you both have your stones, they will help to maintain that connection. Herkimer diamonds are also said to have a high vibration which support the third eye, increases intuition, and helps with psychic and clairvoyant abilities.


Heulandite is a mineral that belongs to the "zeolite" family. Zeolites are said to be excellent Reiki stones as they can be helpful in connecting with Reiki energy. Heulandite comes in a range of colors. This high-frequency stone can help to you focus your thoughts, synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain, and help to strengthen the third eye and crown chakras.

Himalayan Quartz (Samadhi Quartz)

This pretty, pinky stone is hand mined high in the Himalayas, in small batches. It is said to be a very high vibration stone, which helps to move you toward enlightenment. It’s also helpful with transformation, new beginnings, and spiritual journeys.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is said to have a whole host of benefits for your body - both inside and out. Specifically, using Himalayan salt lamps in your environment - typically in the form of lamps and candle holders - is said to promote calm and relaxation, ease respiratory issues, and help to clean the air. Salt rooms - with FAR more salt than the average home would incorporate into their decor and in a much smaller space - are said to amplify that.

Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is said to be an energy amplifier and a root and sacral chakra healer. Its gorgeous yellow-amber color is soothing and calming. Additionally, honey calcite is said to help amplify creativity, increase decision-making and clarity, and boost your self-confidence.


Howlite is said to be a stone that promotes sleep - and may be beneficial to keep on your nightstand or under your pillow while you are sleeping (this works best with small, tumbled stones). Howlite is said to be calming and may help you feel more at ease, with less stress.

Hyalite Opal

Hyalite opal, also called water opal, is a stone said to strengthen psychic abilities and is known for being an excellent tool for scrying and divination. Hyalite opal often fluoresces under uv light.

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Ibis Jasper

Ibis jasper comes from Madagascar and is a stone made of jasper that been broken apart and then naturally "cemented" together (with chalcedony, quartz, and/or calcite), into a new stone. Ibis jasper is said to be helpful in removing heavy, thick, stagnant energy. It can also help to remind us that our fractures, faults, and "breaks" are not truly damage and can be some of our most beautiful features. Ibis jasper is said to be helpful in shadow work as well as soul retrieval.

Iolite (gem grade Cordierite)

Iolite is a stone of balance, vision, and self-expression. It is the high-quality, gemstone-grade version of cordierite. The gorgeous, deep blue hues of iolite support the third eye chakra and may help to encourage you to leave the past in the past and move on, using both your intuition and intellect for guidance as you move forward. Iolite is also said to be a stone that supports spiritual journey and may be helpful in meditation and relaxation. Iolite may also increase confidence, enhance your motivation, and boost your mood.

Iris Agate (Rainbow Agate)

Iris agate slices are so special - and some of the most rainbow-filled crystals you will find. They look pretty unassuming...until you shine a bright, focused light (like a cell phone flashlight) behind them. Then they come alive with stunning rainbow colors that shift and play, as the light hits them. Iris agate is said to be helpful in balancing the chakras, lifting your mood, and boosting positivity.

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Jade ("New Jade" also Gem Serpentine)

Jade has been known and revered for years as a stone of luck and good fortune. This is the light green colored form of a variety of stones typically referred to as "jade." It is also a stone of balance, longevity, and wisdom. It is calming and soothing, with its mesmerizing green color and white swirls.

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Kambaba Jasper (Crocodile Jasper, Stromatolite Jasper)

This crazy, beautiful, swirly green stone comes from Madagascar and South Africa and was actually formed over time, as colonies of 3 billion year old algae - called stromatolites - fossilized. Kambaba jasper can be used to help ease stress, increase creativity, and expand prosperity.


Kunzite is a crystal that comes in a range of colors (including green, blue, and yellow), but is most-commonly known and recognized in its light pink variety. Kunizite is a stone that is said to help connect the head with the heart. It may help you to release negative feelings you’ve been holding onto from the past, in order to move forward with confidence, trust, and openness. Kunzite is also said to bring peace, tranquility, and optimism. Green kunzite is typically referred to as hiddenite, while the yellow variety is known as spodumene.

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Labradorite is a stone of both magic and protection. It can help you to enhance your intuition, increase synchronicity in your life, and help you to remember and embrace the ways in which YOU shine. It can also help you cut through the illusions to find the truth in situations and dispel negativity.

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All larimar comes from the Dominican Republic. It is a stone of communication and can help to balance the throat chakra. It is also said to be a very feminine stone, which can help you connect with Goddess energy. Larimar is also said to be helpful in dissolving negative emotions and helping you get back to balance, with its calming, soothing energy.

Lava Rock

Lava rock is created by rapidly-cooling lava with many gas bubbles inside, which create a porous quality. Lava stone is said to help one "cool down" - dissipating anger and bringing calm. In addition, it is said to be a very grounding stone. Lava rock can also be used as an essential oil diffuser. Simply add a drop or two to the bead and let it soak in - the scent will last for a day or two, as it dissipates. Once the scent is gone, you can add some more of the same or choose a different one. There is no need to "clean" the stone in between essential oils.

Lavender Jade 

Lavender jade is said to be a stone of clearing, soothing, and restorative energy. Its purple color means that this stone is also a crown chakra stone, connecting us to the spiritual realm. Lavender jade is also said to be a stone of dreams, connecting us with the worlds we encounter when we are deep asleep.

Lemurian Quartz

It is said that Lemurians can help you to tap into the ancient culture of Lemuria - an ancient civilization, like Atlantis. These peoples were known for their wisdoms but also their peace - which is said to be accessible through this stone. Try a Lemurian for yourself, and see if you can tap into peace and oneness.


Lepidolite is a stone that is said to have calming, soothing properties and is thought to help with nervousness, anxiety, and worry. It is commonly considered to be a stone that can aid in relaxation and bringing balance. It is also said to be a stone of change and transition, as we let go of the stressors that keep us from moving and growing freely. Lepidolite is a variety of mica that contains lithium and is usually found in shades of purple to purple-grey.

Lithium Quartz 

Lithium quartz is said to be a stone of balance, calm, and release. Lithium quartz - as the name suggests - contains lithium, which is actually a metal used to in allopathic medicine to treat mania and manic episodes, as it induces calm and relaxation.


Lodolite, also called scenic quartz, garden quartz, or inclusion quartz, is quartz that also includes other minerals. These stones are often polished in a way that highlights the gorgeous, unique patterns created by the inclusions. Lodolite may contain a number of minerals, including chlorite, hematite, and feldspar, as well as sand! This stone is said to help release negative emotional patterns from the past. It is also said to help one connect to the spiritual plane, especially through meditation.

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Malachite is a great stone for focusing on money energy and wealth. It is also a stone of healing: my friend Ken always said that, if he had to choose ONE healing stone, it would be malachite, which is "one of the oldest healing stones on our planet. It was used in ancient Egypt as far back as 6000 BCE, and revered and is still used today." (The Karma Crystal Guide to Stones)


Marcasite is a stone of the mind, said to aid in mental clarity, critical thinking, and determination. It is also said to be a stone of spirituality, confidence, and vitality.


Mica, with its translucency and reflective qualities, is a stone that helps us see ourselves better, so that we can recognize any qualities that don't serve us and work to replace them with ones that do.


Moldavite is a tektite or a form of “space glass,” formed when a meteorite struck the earth approximately 15 million years ago. Moldavite is recommended for advanced spiritual practices like astral projection, shamanic journeys, light bodywork, and accessing Akashic records. It works for all chakras, but it’s most beneficial for anahata (the heart chakra).

Mookaite (Mook Jasper)

Mookaite is a fantastic stone for grounding (think about all of the root chakra colors you see in it - reds, oranges, yellows), and is great for moving forward in life, building self-esteem, making decisions, sparking creativity, and supporting new initiatives. It is also a great stone for meditation and communication. Mookaite is said to be a stone of beauty, promoting graceful aging and restoration.


Moonstone has a feminine, watery energy that can help you balance - especially if you are female. It is a stone that is associated with the full moon, as well as with new beginnings. Rainbow moonstone can bring flashes of intuition or knowing - and is actually in the same family as labradorite.

Moqui Marbles

Moqui Marbles - also known as Shaman Stones and under the trademarked name Boji Stones - are round concretion stones formed from sandstone (inside) and hematite (outside). Moqui Marbles are said to have grounding, protective, balancing, and clearing energies and can guard against the absorption of negative energies. They are also said to be helpful in developing intuition and are useful in spiritual endeavors. Moqui marbles are typically sold in pairs, with a round “female” stone and a disk-shaped “male” stone. Holding the male stone in the right hand and the female stone in the left hand is said to be helpful for grounding and balancing the body and mind.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is said to be a stone that can support confidence, connection to the Earth, creativity, and optimism. It is said to be helpful in connecting to the Earth and with grounding and balancing your body and mind. Moss agate it also said to bring abundance and prosperity and may help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Mystic Merlinite (Indigo Gabbro)

This stone from Madagascar is unique and mystical, with swirls of black, brown, blues, and purples, plus metallic flashes of bronzy-gold. Mystic Merlinite will help you to connect to your inner power and magic. It is said to help you connect with and interpret your dreams, access your inner wisdom, and dig up the things that hold you down. The dark and light colors that make up Mystic Merlinite reminds us of the duality of dark and light and encourages us to find balance.

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Nuumite is the oldest stone on the planet and is often referred to as the "Sorcerer's Stone." Its golden flashes in a dark black matrix are truly mystical. It is said to be a stone of luck, synchronicity, and intuition. It is also considered a connection to Earth energy and Earth magick.

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Ocean Agate

Ocean agate is a name typically given to dendritic agate from Madagascar. It comes in lighter, neutral colors (white, cream, yellow, taupe) that are translucent, often with darker dendrites (inclusions that form in a tree/leaf/fern pattern). Dendritic agate is said to be a stone of prosperity and manifestation, as well as self-confidence. It also has all of the properties of agate. Dendritic agate does not typically have the characteristic, swirly, banded patterns of agate.

Obsidian (Black)

Obsidian has long been said to be a protective talisman, known to bring clarity, protection, and balance. Obsidian is natural volcanic glass, formed when lava flow cools rapidly. Obsidian has been used for centuries, carved into arrowheads for protection; polished into mirror-like spheres and disks for scrying; and as energetic support for grounding and clearing away any psychic or emotional “junk” you’ve been holding on to, including bad habits and negative emotions.


Okenite is a mineral that crystallizes in puffy, cotton-like formations. It is a stone that reflects softness, ease, and gentleness. It is said to bring in abundance by clearing things out of your way. Okenite is also said to help with creativity, stamina, and all things that require connection.

Oklahoma "Hourglass" Selenite

While this is a type of selenite (or gypsum), it looks much different from the shiny, white, ethereal kind we are used to. Oklahoma selenite grows in blades, with inclusions of sand, clay, and iron oxide. The way these inclusions form in these blades makes it look like there is an hourglass inside - hence, the name hourglass selenite. Oklahoma selenite is grounding, clearing, and balancing. The hourglass shape reminds us of the bounds of time, but also of the infinite - and that each of us embodies both of those.


Opal is said to be a great stone for those who want to change something, but lack courage or persistence. Opal talismans can help you get stronger, learn new things, and become a better version of yourself. Additionally, wearing, touching, and observing opals is said to help boost your psychic abilities.

Optical Calcite

How do you see things? Your perspective is shaped by your reality - so what is "real"? Optical calcite can help you to see things more clearly; perceive more acutely; and reflect on your self and the world. It is said to help get energy flowing to release stagnation, amplify intentions, and activate your motivation. It is also a great stone for crystal gridding.

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is often said to be a stone of happiness and job - and who can disagree? It's sunny, juicy, fruit-colored hues are the perfect orange; and, when coupled with it's creamy white swirls, looks just like a creamsicle (um, YUM! How could you not be happy about that??)

Orange Selenite (Peach Selenite)

Orange selenite (also called peach selenite) is a fairly rare: it is much more difficult to find than white selenite. It supports the sacral (2nd) chakra and can be used to increase self-love, self-acceptance, and acceptance. It is also said to help with removing electromagnetic stress from your living area. It also shares the same properties of white selenite. ⠀⠀ 


Orthoceras are 360 million year old fossils of squid-like marine animals, that are now extinct. Orthoceras, and other fossils, are said to be useful in helping to ease stress and unsettled feelings and may be helpful to the bones and skeletal system.

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Paraiba Blue Kyanite

Chunky Paraiba blue kyanite is completely different from the blue kyanite you've seen (and loved) before! This variety of light blue kyanite (sometimes with a hint of seafoam green) is a new find from Paraiba, Brazil. Paraiba kyanite is said to vibrate at a higher frequency than other blue kyanite and works with the throat chakra to help you communicate more clearly and speak your truth. Clusters of Paraiba blue kyanite may also contain quartz and/or black kyanite.


Peridot is said to be a stone of happiness and joy. It resonates with both the heart and solar plexus chakras, is the August birthstone, and has a long history of use and lore.

Petrified Wood

Petrified wood - or fossilized wood - is created when the cells that make up wood are replaced over decades by minerals (typically agate or quartz - which is why it is sometimes called agatized wood). Petrified wood is said to be a stone that is helpful for grounding and connecting to the Earth. It is also said to be a stone that can help you connect to the past. Petrified wood is also said to enhance one’s connection with nature and increase awareness and understanding of the environment.

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Phantom Crystals

Phantoms are growth lines visible inside of a crystal (usually quartz, smoky quartz, and amethyst). They are evidence of starts and stops in the life cycle of the crystal and are said to help you connect with past lives and the Akashic records. They are also said to help with deep healing, spiritual transformation, and connecting with the Earth.

Pink Amethyst

Pink amethyst is a brand new (within the last 5 years) find that has only recently (within the last year) become available - although it’s still difficult to find! Originally thought to be a form of rose quartz, testing confirmed it to be amethyst. Pink amethyst is a gorgeous stone that spans a range of pink hues. Since it is still amethyst, it carries the properties of amethyst of spiritual connection and support for the crown chakra. However, with its distinctive pink color, it also helps to support your heart chakra and connect your heart with your spirit. Pink amethyst is said to help balance your heart and crown chakras, improve relationships through wisdom and love, and help bring in peace and relaxation.

Pink Tourmaline (Rubellite)

Pink tourmaline is a stone of emotional balance and can help support the heart chakra. It is said to boost self-love, passion for life, confidence, trust, and kindness. Pink tourmaline is also said to attract love and desire.

Prehnite with Epidote

Prehnite with epidote inclusions is known as THE stone to "heal the healer" and it's one of the ONLY stones known to do this.⠀

Polychrome Jasper (Desert Jasper)

Polychrome Jasper is a pretty great stone - it comes in a wide range of colors and combinations and is filled with swirls and patterns. It's a stone of nature, of manifesting, and "seeing" (what can YOU see in the swirls of your polychrome jasper?). ⠀


Prasiolite gorgeous green crystal is a stone of heart chakra energy, connection to nature, and relationship to the Divine. Prasiolite is said to connect the energies of the heart and crown chakras and can be used to amplify both your emotions and your thoughts. This stone is also said to be a stone of grounding, luck, and abundance.


Prehnite supports the heart chakra and promotes unconditional love. It is a great crystal to help dissolve nervous energy and bring in calm, loving vibrations. It is often found with epidote (very dark green) inclusions. 

Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stones are pseudomorphs, which means that they were originally one type of mineral which was then replaced by another type of mineral. Interestingly, during this change, the original crystal structure stays the same. Prophecy stones are a Limonite / Hematite after Marcasite / Pyrite pseudomorph. They are said to be great for receiving guidance from higher realms, for divination of the future, and to strengthen and support your third eye chakra.


Purpurite supports the crown chakra (the energy center at the top of your head) and the third eye chakra (the energy center in the area between your brows) and is said to help you connect to higher energies, such as faith and trust. It is also said to help support your intuition and connect to self-belief.


Also called Fool's Gold (for its appearance and shiny, golden similarities to the precious metal), pyrite is said to bring good luck and wealth. Sparkling pyrite can help to spark creativity, aid in manifestation practices, boost self confidence and willpower, and nourish your solar plexus chakra. Pyrite is also known as a stone of protection, which can help in shielding one from negative energy.

Pyrite Sun

Pyrite suns come from only one place: Sparta, Illinois. They were formed in coal mines, where they grew inside of deep cracks - creating their flat shape that extends out in all directions like a disk. Pyrite suns are protective and restorative - and full of magic. They used to be abundant; but now are difficult to find at a good quality and price.

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Quartz (Clear Quartz, Rock Crystal, Crystal Quartz)

Primarily, clear quartz is used as an amplifier – it can amplify the properties of other stones. Interestingly, this is also one of its uses in everyday life: as a way to move energy from one place to another, such as with electronics. Quartz is also easily programmable: When you set your intentions for the stone, it can help to amplify that energy, whether it be for abundance, love, or peace. In ancient times, quartz was thought to be water that was so deeply frozen that it became permanently crystallized.

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Rainbow Agate

See Iris Agate

Rainforest Rhyolite

Rainforest rhyolite helps you to focus on the present, emits a calming energy, and supports self love. See also: Rhyolite

Red Jasper

Red jasper is an excellent root chakra stone. It has a vibrant but grounded energy, which may help you root down more securely into the energy of the Earth. Red jasper is said to support confidence, courage, encourage, passion, and stamina. It may also be helpful in setting boundaries, balancing your emotions, and provide insight into any difficulties you are facing.


Rhodochrosite is another stone of love. Its pink and white swirls are calming and can help with relaxation and letting go. It is said to encourage a positive outlook and help to energize, align, and stabilize.


Rhyolites are great for balance, grounding, and helping to ease change. It also helps turn dreams into reality and is supportive for bringing goals to fruition. Both of these crystals have the general properties of rhyolite, in addition to their specific properties.

Rainforest rhyolite helps you to focus on the present, emits a calming energy, and supports self love.

Bird's eye rhyolite is a stone of regeneration, protection, and security. 


Rosasite is a beautiful blue to blue-green stone that forms in little tufts and fibrous bubbles. It is said to be a stone of truth, supporting both the heart and throat chakras. It is also said to be helpful with mantras and affirmations, as may help you to better remember and recall information.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz symbolizes love, passion, friendship, compassion, and self-care. Revered throughout history by civilizations around the world, rose quartz was used in face masks for beautification, in talismans, and as a symbol of love.


Rubies contain the vibrant energies of love, passion, and compassion. The characteristic red hue of rubies supports the base chakra, fostering movement, desire, and vitality.

Ruby - Record Keeper

Record keeper rubies are naturally-formed rubies that have one or more triangle patters on at least one of their faces. As with all rubies, they vibrate with the energy of love and compassion. The triangular growth pattern on these particular rubies, however, is said to hold the mysteries of the past, records of ancient civilizations, and information that has been stored in the crystal. Typically, it is said that meditation with the crystal will allow access to the information.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is characterized by "threads" or "needles" (called rutile) that run through it. These threads can be golden in color, like in the picture above; silver-colored; black; or red. The rutile growing inside of these quartz crystals can be thin or sparse and can grow all in the same director or in multiple directions. When the rutile forms in a "spray," reaching out in all directions, this is referred to as a rutile "star." Rutilated quartz is said to stabilize, clarify, and energize, and is also said to be helpful in connecting to your divine purpose. It is most commonly found in clear quartz - strengthening the commonly-noted amplification properties of the quartz even more. Rutile can also be found in smoky quartz.

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Saffordite is a 30 million year old stone, found in and around Safford, Arizona. Its origin has been debated by scientists, as to whether it is a tektite (like moldavite or Libyan desert glass) or whether it is a terrestrial stone, formed by volcanic activity - similar to obsidian (the latter is the current theory). Some Saffordite is opaque, while some pieces are translucent: hold your piece in front of a strong light (like your cell phone flashlight) and see which yours is. Regardless, know that it hold deep and ancient magic and mystery. affordite has been said to hold the energy of wish fulfillment, as well as being helpful for grounding and radiating a loving energy.

Scepter Crystals (i.e., in quartz, amethyst, etc)

Scepters occur when a quartz point forms over another quartz point, causing the top to be larger than the bottom - and look like a scepter! These quartz formations are said to help you connect with and remember who you really are; connect with your own spirituality; and are said to be a link to the ancient Atlantis and Lemuria civilizations.


Selenite is said to foster clarity of the mind, heal one’s etheric body, and repair holes in the auric field. This crystal is also self-cleansing, so you won’t have to worry over it hanging onto negative or stagnant energies! Selenite’s name is derived from the Greek word meaning “moon.” According to legend, selenite was believed to be a unique gift from the moon goddess Selene, who was said to drop it from her habitation on the moon, down on earth.


Septarian is one of my favorite stones (and a guy fave, as well - at least among the men in my life). Septarian is a concretion stone. It's formed when rock and sand gets replaced with other minerals replace those dissolved away (these guys are found in places that used to be covered in water). Septarian is a stone for communication and privacy, and also contains the properties of calcite and aragonite, as those are two of the minerals included in it.


Serpentine is said to be good for the heart and lungs. Since it's primarily green, it's a heart chakra stone; is said to be able to clear all of the chakras; is said to help activate the kundalini energy, that resides at the base of your spine; is said to help retrieve the wisdom of your past lives; and can release fears of the future and help look toward the future with optimism.


Shattuckite is said to be a stone of truth in both word and action. It is a copper-based mineral and is said to have the ability to connect one to Spirit as well as the truth within. It is also said to be helpful for those who are interested in strengthening their intuition, receiving clear direction, and developing psychic abilities. Shattuckite is also said to be a stone that can help with manifestation, abundance, and luck. As a blue stone, shattuckite supports the throat charka and may be useful in helping you speak your truth.

Shiva Lingham

Shiva linghams are naturally-shaped stones that come from only one location: the Narmada River in India. These stones are collected annually, during a special ceremony, and are then hand-polished. Shiva linghams embody both male and female energies and, as such, are great for balance as well as wisdom and insight


Shungite is a stone found exclusively in Russia. It is a black, carbon-based material that has been said for years to be extremely good for absorbing EMF rays and for "clearing up" anything that is negative. It is said to be protective, shielding, and clearing. Shungite comes in several grades (or qualities) and can be rough or polished. Elite Shungite is the highest quality (and price point), containing approximately 98% carbon.

Silver Sheen Obsidian

Silver sheen obsidian is said to bring advantages in life, calm the mind, strengthen one's confidence. The silvery sheen also is said to bring lunar energy and may be good for meditation, bringing a sense of peace, and for gazing or scrying.

Skulls (Crystal, Carved)

Some people think that crystal skulls are "creepy" and "evil" - but that's FAR from the truth! Crystal skulls are actually carved in a way that resembles the greatest thinking and processing machines on the planet - our own skulls! They're the perfect shape for the unique processes and electromagnetic activity that drives all we are, think, and do.Crystal skulls, therefore, are believed to store and transmute wisdom and knowledge, “learning” as they connect with their owner(s) and the other crystal skulls they are around. They can also help you to connect with your family members who have passed on, as well as connect you with ancestral wisdom.


Smithsonite, with its candy-colored hues, it a stone that is said to bring calming and relaxing vibes. It is a stone that can help to balance chakras based on the color of the mineral itself (i.e. some pieces are blue, which would support the throat chakra, yellow supports the solar plexus chakra, and so on). Smithsonite’s color varies based on the elements included: yellow contains cadmium, blue and green contain copper, and pinks and purples contain cobalt. The soothing, peaceful vibes of smithsonite are also said to help you to better-navigate situations in love, leadership, friendships, and your personal endeavors.

Smoky Citrine

Smoky citrine is a combination of both smoky quartz and citrine - it has the dark brown, smoke-colored hue of smoky quartz, as well as the yellow color of citrine - and combines the properties of both. Smoky citrine is said to help you draw in abundance while also staying grounded.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a great crystal for grounding and for calling in Earth energy. It is also a fantastic stone for clearing negativity, or absorbing negative energy. It can help with feelings of ungroundedness, emotional upset, and difficulty in communicating. Smoky quartz is also said to provide psychic protection as well as ward off bad dreams.

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Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian isn't a crystal, exactly: Instead, it's actually a natural version of glass, formed by the rapid cooling of lava that forms the black (obsidian). The white "snowflakes" are very tiny crystal formations that grow inside the small air pockets in the lava. Snowflake obsidian is a great stone to help with grounding. It's also said to be protecting and helpful in releasing negative emotions and feelings.


Sodalite is a stone of communication, peace, and intuition. As a blue stone, sodalite can help to support the throat and third eye chakras. It is said to be beneficial in increasing the clarity of one’s communications and self expression and may be good for those who engage in public speaking. Sodalite is also said to be able to activate one’s intuition and perception and bring about a feeling of calmness.

Specularite (Specular Hematite)

Specular hematite is a naturally-occurring stone, made of hematite and mica. It is dark black with glittery crystals that look like the night sky. While this stone occurs naturally, it is often covered with a layer of high quality epoxy, to enhance the glittery look as well as ensure that pieces of mica do not flake off in your hands. Specular hematite is said to be helpful in boosting memory and confidence, bringing inner peace and self-worth, and guarding against bad dreams.

Spirit Quartz (Cactus Quartz, Fairy Quartz)

Spirit quartz, which is notable for its crystal-coated sides, is said to cleanse and align the chakras, enhancing spiritual awareness and facilitating deep meditation. Spirit Quartz promotes harmony, cooperation, and unity, making it ideal for group work and fostering positive relationships. It also has a calming effect and is believed to aid in physical healing. 

Stellar Beam Calcite (Elmwood Calcite)

Stellar Beam Calcite is said to aid in spiritual growth, fostering a deeper connection to the divine and expanding consciousness. This crystal is associated with the crown chakra, facilitating clarity of thought and enhancing intuition. Stellar Beam Calcite is also known to promote emotional healing by releasing old patterns and blockages, supporting personal growth, and fostering inner peace. Its transformative energies make it a valuable tool for those seeking spiritual development and emotional well-being.

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Stilbite is a gorgeous, peachy-pinky-brownish mineral from India. With its calming, peaceful energy, it is said to help in adapting to difficult or challenging situations, expand your outlook, and help you sleep.


Sulfur’s bright yellow hue is indicative of the types of properties this stone holds: It is said to contain a strong, masculine, bright energy - similar to the sun - and can help dissolve negativity and help to balance your mood. Sulfur is also said to help detoxify your environment and help usher in creativity and imagination. Sulfur is created from volcanic gasses - and should be handled with care, as it is a toxic stone (it’s gorgeous to look at and shouldn’t be feared, when used with caution: please be sure to wash your hands after use and keep away from kiddos and pets). It is a great stone to support the solar plexus, self-confidence, and manifestation. It is also said to be a stone of change and transformation.


Sunstone is warming, energetic, and radiant - just like the sun. It is said to help boost confidence, increase vitality, and support independence and agency. Sunstone is also said to be a stone of luck, good fortune, and abundance. Sunstone is also said to be helpful in bringing back the joy in life.

Super 7

Super 7 (also known as “Melody’s Stone”) is a combination of minerals, including amethyst, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, lepidocrocite, clear quartz, and goethite. Super 7 is said to retain the properties of each of the crystals it is made up with and is a stone that promotes overall wellness, relaxation, and enhanced intuition.

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Tangerine Quartz

With its orange hue, tangerine quartz corresponds with the sacral charka, supporting creativity, sexuality, and your emotions. Tangerine quartz can help you move forward and leave the past behind you, as well as keeping calm in chaotic situations.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for supporting confidence, strength, and vitality. It can help support creativity, confidence, motivation, and resilience. Tiger’s eye is also a stone of manifestation, prosperity, luck, and abundance.


Topaz is a stone of good health and abundance. It is said to manifest desires, increase the flow of energy, and clear the aura. Topaz is a stone of awareness, problem solving, expression, beauty, and will power.


Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors (most commonly black, listed separately). It is said to be a stone of balance and is said to be excellent for those who need to take a rest, reflect on their life, and pray or meditate. It's considered to be a stone of new beginnings, and is beneficial for those who conduct academic research, travel to unknown places, and seek new things in general.


Rare trolleite is a wonderful stone for releasing negative emotions such as frustration, anger, and rage and bringing calmness and mental clarity. It is said to be an ascension stone, said to be excellent for meditation and for helping to awaken to your highest truth. Trolleite is a combination of lithium, quartz, blue tourmaline, lazulite, scorzalite, and sometimes lepidolite.


Turquoise is a December birth stone and a great stone for those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign. It's calming energy supports the throat chakra and helps with speaking your truth, being confident in your voice, and leveraging your wisdom.

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With its gorgeous range of caramel to reddish brown coloring, vanadinite is a stone of the root chakra and sacral chakras. It is said to enhance creativity and motivation, promote focus, and increase your energy.

Vera Cruz Amethyst

This pretty amethyst from Vera Cruz, Mexico is said to have an especially high vibration which helps you connect to spirit and your angels. It is also said to provide an energetic shield. Vera Cruz amethyst may help you reach meditation states more quickly and is said to be helpful in developing intuition.

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Wavellite is a stone of intuition, energetic flow, and wisdom. Wavellite is said to be helpful in crystal healing and magick, as it can help to enhance the flow of energy and help with making decisions. It is said to help you to see into yourself and what makes you unique, which may also aid the decision making process by allowing you to see the whole situation from multiple angles and, similarly, multiple options or opportunities. Wavellite is also said to be a stone of love, emotional support and clearing, and calm.


Wulfenite is a stone of creativity, inspiration, joy, and transformation. It is also said to be a stone of optimism, originality, imagination, and persistence. A stone that works with the lower three chakras, wulfenite may help balance sexual energy. Wulfenite is also said to be a stone of white magic, as it can connect the spirit world and Earth energy and may help one remember magical knowledge from past lives. It is also said to be helpful with spells and ritual work.

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Yellow Fluorite

Yellow fluorite resonates with the naval chakra - the center of the body. It’s said to support creativity, stability, and intent. It also carries the general properties of fluorite.


Yooperlites are stones found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is how they get their name (people who live in the Upper Peninsula call themselves “Yoopers” – a play on the UP, short for Upper Peninsula). Yooperlites look like common lake rocks during the daylight…but with the help of a dark, night sky and a blacklight, they come to life, with spots that glow a neon orange. This phenomenon is caused by a type of uv-reactive sodalite.

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Zeolites are said to be excellent Reiki stones as they can be helpful in connecting with Reiki energy. The zeolite family includes stilbite and heulandite.


Zebradorite is a stone of imagination, wisdom, creativity, and connection. It is a stone that is said to help you remember your soul contracts, past lives, and ancient knowledge. Zebradorite is also said to be a stone of energy and warmth.

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