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Article: Why Green Crystals are So Popular Right Now

Why Green Crystals are So Popular Right Now

Why Green Crystals are So Popular Right Now

green crystalsWhat's Going on With Green?

Green crystals are increasingly drawing attention, and it's not a coincidence. Instead,

I believe their surge in popularity is tied to a collective need for deep heart healing and grounding energy, attributes uniquely associated with these emerald treasures.

Whether it's deep forest greens, pieces that seem to glow from within with a green light, or pale hues with yellow or blue-green tones, green crystals are making a big splash on the market right now. The color green has strong associations with good health, an open heart, personal growth, inner strength, vitality, financial gain, new opportunities, life energy, and prosperity, which these crystals are believed to crystals for heart healing

Symbolism of Green Crystals

The color green crystals symbolizes deep connections to mother earth and the energy of the planet. Additionally, green crystals carry the energy of good fortune, spiritual growth, inner peace, personal power, the energy of a fresh start and new beginnings, and good luck. While the meaning of green crystals and the kind of strong connections they have for you, personally, may be unique, these are some of the common themes seen with green crystals.

Green Crystals for Heart Healing 

The heart chakra, known as Anahata in Sanskrit, is thought to be influenced by green crystals. These gems, including emerald, aventurine, jade, and malachite, encourage emotional balance and a heart-centered lifestyle.

Green Crystals also invite us to be more open, vulnerable, and authentic, helping us to form deeper connections with ourselves and others. Their importance is tied to the financial sphere too, as they align with vibrations of prosperity, encouraging a balanced and conscious relationship with wealth that's ruled by kindness, integrity, and gratitude.

green crystals and earth energy

Green Crystals and Earth Energy

The supportive role of green crystals in navigating grief, facilitating healing, and promoting resilience is a particularly important part of their allure. They provide a comforting presence during challenging times, which helps us process our emotions and find the courage to move forward.

These stones, which are strongly tied to earth energy and the natural world, remind us of our inherent connection with nature and its healing power. This relationship is especially vital now as we grapple with rapid global changes and seek grounding, connection, and emotional support.

choosing green crystals

Types of Green Crystals

If you find yourself being drawn to green crystals, there are dozens of options you could potentially explore. Here are a few of my favorite green crystals: 

  • Green fluorite 
  • Green calcite 
  • Moss agate 
  • Green apatite
  • Green quartz
  • Chrome diopside
  • Green amethyst 
  • Green garnets
  • Green jade stones 
  • Green aventurine stones 
  • Green agate varieties 
  • Green jasper varieties 
  • Green tourmaline crystals 
  • Ruby zoisite 

You can incorporate them into your life by using them in meditation, wearing them as jewelry, creating a crystal grid, or simply carrying them with you. Selecting and using green crystals should be an intuitive process. Trust your attraction to specific crystals, explore their metaphysical properties, and notice their physical appearance.

Regardless of how you connect with these radiant pieces of the earth, remember to trust your unique journey with them, cleanse and recharge them regularly, and stay open to the energy and impressions they might bring.

read the full article about green crystals

Want to read the full article?

You can find it here, along with lots more crystal healing information, at my dedicated blog All the Crystals.

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