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Article: Smoke Cleansing & Space Clearing

how to smudge smoke cleanse

Smoke Cleansing & Space Clearing

Here's how to clear your space with sage and smoke

Have you ever wondered about how or why to "clear" your space or your crystals? Let's look at some of the reasons why you might want to, and a few easy ways - including by cleansing -  you can!

Clearing the energy in your space

I've seen many different ways of cleansing crystals and clearing space - and many indicators of when it might be time to do so. First, let's talk a little about the when and why

Generally, you should cleanse or clear your crystals as soon as you bring them into your home. This is true regardless of where who from whom you get them - even if it's a person you trust, or who generally has "good energy." You might ask why, though, and the reasoning is this: Because you simply don't (can't) know what energy that crystal has picked up or has been carrying. While the seller may have wonderful energy, the energy may not be right for you. The postal worker who processed it might have been having a bad day. The miner may have been grumpy. In short, you just never know what kinds of things your crystals have come across - so it's always better to start fresh.

As far as home clearing, you can choose to do it regularly (i.e., maybe you have a monthly smoke cleansing session on the day of each new moon, or the first of each month), or you can do it whenever you "feel" it needs to be done - even if the only reason you "feel" it needs to be done is because it's been a while ;) And, just like when you get new crystals, clearing the energy in a new home should be a priority, any time you move. 

How to clear the air

Now let's move on to some actual methods of clearing space. In feng shui, crystal sun catchers can be hung in the center of the room, to break up the "chi" - or energy. This is thought to happen due to the refraction of light/energy, via the facets of the crystals. These are typically recommended to be hung above your door and, as I mentioned, from the ceiling (discreetly) in the middle of rooms (hmmm...I don't have one over my door right now...maybe I should?!).

Another way to move energy and get things flowing smoothly again, according to feng shui, is to move 27 items - any 27 items in your home (or whatever space you're clearing). 27, when summed (2 + 7) is 9; a sacred number in many traditions, as well as a prime/special number in mathematical science. Moving this number of objects is said to be "auspicious" (good mojo), and will change the energy on your space. This stands to reason, since moving just under 30 items in your space is sure to give you a fresh perspective on your surroundings!

Smoke cleansing with herbs

You can also clear your space using herbs. Smoke cleansing is a way to "clear the air" in your home or space, to get rid of any "negative" or "stuck" energy using the smoke from a burning bunch or bundle of herbs and/or wood. There is also some scientific evidence that suggests smoke cleansing may help clear the bacteria out of your space

So how do you do it? It's easy! Basically, you start at the outermost areas of your home, working inward. To begin, get a bundle of herbs, a white candle (recommended, and what I do; but not required), and some kind of heat-safe bowl (some people use an abalone shell, but any kind of heat-safe dish with some salt or sand in the bottom will do), and a feather or some kind of fan.

You'll also want to make sure you have at least one window open, to keep the air moving and let that stagnant/negative energy OUT. Light the candle; use that to light your herb bundle; let it burn for several seconds; then blow it out, and rest it in your dish.

You're ready to use smoke to clear your space! Using your feather/fan, walk through your home and waft some of the herb/wood smoke into all of the nooks and crannies of your home. Ideally, you should outline every line, in every room: windows, doors, walls, closets, hallways, etc. I don't do this. I light it until there is a nice amount of smoke and the start clearing (note: Always be careful smoke cleansing! Be sure to also pay attention if you have sensitive fire alarms - don't waft the smoke too close).

Want step-by-step instructions for smoke cleansing? Find them here!

With herbs, always remember that you are CLEARING the air/space. And what happens when things are clear? They are blank. Empty. I once had a situation in an apartment (with some questionable energy)...and I would clear and clear and clear...and nothing. Literally. It didn't feel bad...but it didn't feel good. A friend reminded me that, perhaps, I wasn't doing a complete job: I wasn't ALSO instilling/invoking/creating *positive* energy, to take the place of the void I was creating. 💡  So: think about how you can do this, by setting intentions, inviting in good vibes, or even by praying or meditating. 

Clearing your crystals

Your crystals can also be cleansed with smoke, using much the same method: simply hold them over the smoke, as your herb bundle burns. If you're looking for different ways to clear or infuse your crystals with positive vibes, here are some other things you can try, to clear and/or charge your crystals:
  • Set them in the full or new moon light
  • Bury them in the Earth (don't forget where you bury them!)
  • Run them under water (as long as they are water safe - and not all are!)

I had a friend ask me recently whether gridding your home/bedroom was an option...and it is. But if you decide to do this to solve some kind of problem (i.e., recurring negative vibes, trouble sleeping, arguing, etc.), make sure you have tried other options first (solve the "root" problem). Crystals can always help - but if we're letting the same patterns or problems happen over and over, using crystals isn't going to be as effective.

I've also heard about (and really like using) sound to clear my space and crystals: clapping, at its simplest...but drums, tingshas, rattles, and tuning forks also work. They break up the stagnant energy (i.e., sound is generated in measurable waves of energy), and get things moving again. This is, actually, a pretty convenient (inexpensive, and smoke/smell-free) way. There are also essential oil alternatives to "smoky" space clearing, as well as clearing music/mantras.

How do I know when to clear my space?

So how can you tell if your space needs to be cleared? How can you "feel" it? Luckily, there are no special skills required. If you feel that things around you are "heavy" or if you're constantly feeling overwhelmed or stuck (and you don't, usually), it's probably a good time to try to clear the energy up.

I had a friend who regularly would "feel" for negative energy, and then work to clear it. She'd lightly run her thumb and forefinger together (like she was feeling a thin piece of fabric). When they were "sticky" there was negative or "stuck" energy; freely-sliding fingers signaled an all-clear. I've had this work for me (and use it frequently, in selecting crystals) - so I'd encourage you to try it, as well.

You can also use a slab of selenite to clear your crystals. Just place them on the slab (about an inch thick, for most stones and jewelry) for 24 hours, and the high vibes, white light, and clearing properties of the selenite slab will do the heavy work!

Go try it!

All in all, clearing space is really about what works for you, and what feels right to you. You can't go wrong, if it feels right - so grab some sage, light a candle, and try it out! We have a whole section of herb bundles and other space-clearing tools.

I hope all of this was helpful - and gave you some new ways to clear your space, and/or reassurance that you're already doing something to accomplish that.

Want more? 

Check out our post with 3 easy ways to clear your crystals!

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