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Article: Crystals for Summer

An array of yellow crystal points

Crystals for Summer

summer crystals

Use these 6 Crystals to Spark Summer Fun 

Welcome to summer!

It's the hottest time of the year for the Northern Hemisphere - and with that, comes all of the fun, magic, and outdoor activities of the summer months. 

Whether you like to relax by the pool, indulge in some refreshing, in-season fruit, or wait until evening for those magical twilight moments, we've got 6 of our top crystal picks to get you in the summer vibe. 

sunstone crystal properties


Glimmery, glittery sunstone is a great choice for summer. Sunstone is warming, energetic, and radiant - just like the sun.

It is said to help boost confidence, increase vitality, and support independence and agency. Sunstone is also said to be a stone of luck, good fortune, and abundance. Sunstone is also said to be helpful in bringing back the joy in life - and summer is the perfect time to soak up as much of that as possible!


Warm, sunny citrine is honestly a top pick for most times of the year (yes, you've seen it in my seasonal picks before ;) )...and summer is no exception!

Citrine is the stone of abundance, manifestation, creativity, and strong 3rd chakra/solar plexus energy. It is warming, sunny, and uplifting. Citrine is also a variety of quartz - this time, one that reflects the yellow to yellow-orange light spectrum.


Fiery carnelian, with its vibrant red and orange coloring a great stone to get you moving and your energy flowing. 

Carnelian is a fantastic stone for the lower chakras - root (1st), sacral (2nd), and solar plexus (3rd). It's a stone of creativity, motivation, sexuality, courage, passion, and action. 

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye's light reflecting properties and warm tones are just like gorgeous golden hour light during the summer.

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone for supporting confidence, strength, and vitality. It can help support creativity, confidence, motivation, and resilience. Tiger’s eye is also a stone of manifestation, prosperity, luck, and abundance.


Amber is like crystallized sunshine: warm, glowing, and fiery yellow and orange. 

Amber isn't exactly a crystal: it's fossilized resin from ancient trees, which are millions of years old. Amber is said to soothe pain, bring a soothing, relaxing energy, and dissipate stress. It is uplifting, balancing, and strengthening. 

peridot crystal


Peridot is said to be a stone of happiness and joy. It resonates with both the heart and solar plexus chakras, is the August birthstone, and has a long history of use and lore. Peridot is also a stone created by heat and fire: it's formed deep inside the earth's mantle and pushed upward via lava flows. 

Use peridot the summer to remind yourself of the joy and carefree feeling of this season. Let peridot's yellow-green color connect your 3rd and 4th chakras, so that you can meld together self worth, will power, and inner strength (from your solar plexus) with the trust, generosity, compassion, and love of your heart chakra. 

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