Break up your routine, reset your energy, and get back to some self-care with this 30-day crystal reset!

The holidays are over and it's been a strange several months, with the current global events. Many of us are feeling tired, displaced, disoriented, nervous, uncertain, and just plain strange...



>> Feeling like you just need to clear your head for a minute (and your normal meditation spot is closed AGAIN because of the pandemic)?

>> Moody and irritable, because WFH has completely ruined your routine? 

>> Wanting to start the new year fresh, but you're just not up to coming up with ideas for how? 

>> In need of something new, different, fun, and easy - that will also make you feel good?

There's a lot going on right now - and self-care and intentional action are even more important than usual!


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...there was a way to energetically reset, without an hour-long meditation practice?

...there was a way to give yourself mini crystal healing sessions, that were so easy to do that you could practice them almost anywhere? 

...there was a way to create a daily routine that helped you relax and unwind, but wasn't the same boring, tedious thing every day? 

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What if I told you that all of that could be (much!) simpler than you think?

Consistent, daily rituals were never my strong suit. I'd be tired from my day - or rushed in the morning and hungry - so I'd decide I'd just meditate "tomorrow." Journal tomorrow. Balance my chakras - that's right - tomorrow

You see where this is going - tell me if you can relate!

If this sounds like you, I have the perfect solution.

what people are saying

Very happy with the program! I was glad that the daily intentions were short, sweet, and to the point. Nothing was overwhelming. Not so much material that it couldn't be covered. And, therefore, nothing got shelved to another day. No backlog of things unfinished! Also, the practices were easy to accomplish in a small amount of time, making them very doable and effective.


The crystal reset was beautifully thought out. I am not new to working with crystals. These exercises were all familiar to me. What I loved was the daily reminder. In the hustle of daily life, I often forget about the things that bring me magic. I wasn’t able to engage in every exercise on the day I received it, but I filed each email in a folder to revisit whenever I need a boost. Thank you for the opportunity to engage in this magical and beautiful reset.


I enjoyed that every day was different, that there were easy to get to links if we needed a meditation or guide and that I am able to save them so that I can so this reset again on my own. I did have a great experience and looked forward to the daily emails.


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This Valentine's Day, join me on a 30-day journey to experience both the energetic components and the beauty of crystals! The energy your crystals will come charged with, as well as the energetic container that will center our experience, is all about love: re-aligning and re-attuning to the energy of love.

If you’re ready to upgrade or have a shift in love - real love - and do it through crystal attunement, I will guide you through these crystal practices, so you have both tangible ways to experience crystal energy, as well as the blessings that have been programmed into this experience.

You will feel a shift in your life, as well as learn more about what your crystals can do for you. During this program, not only will you receive this information, but you will be able to feel the information you will get: it will become alive for you, as you work through the daily crystal practices.

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You will receive one email daily, every day for 30 days, beginning on February 14. I will guide you through 30 different daily exercises you can use immediately, to feel more relaxed, balanced, grounded, and clear.

This reset includes:

» 30 different crystal tips, tricks, ideas, and/or practices that you can implement right away, delivered directly to your inbox every day 

» 2 guided meditations 

» Journal prompts spaced throughout the course

» An 18-piece* crystal and sage kit that will give you everything you need to complete the daily practices. I'll suggest some optional crystals and ideas to upgrade your practice; but you will be able to do everything in the basic reset using this crystal kit 

» One group distance crystal reiki session (date tba), so you can get some energy healing right from the comfort of your home

» A high-vibe energetic container to support you in healing, joy, laughter, love, romance, fun, excitement, and connection

» Email support for any questions that come up during the 30 days

*exact number of crystals in your kit subject to change slightly, as I ensure that there are the correct stones to do the exercises included


You'll also get these exclusive bonuses: 

» BONUS: An exclusive crystal affirmation poster, made just for this group

» BONUS: A full-color pdf e-guide to the crystals in your kit

» BONUS: Pocket crystal properties cards for the stones in your kit

» BONUS: Facebook group to connect with others and have an extra way to access the daily content

» BONUS: I'll add in some additional crystals not listed here, just for a fun crystal surprise ;) 

All together, this Reset and Crystal Kit is worth over $600, if you purchased each piece separately: 

» Crystal kit: valued at over $70

» 30 days of practices, exercises, tips, and tricks: valued at over $333

» Crystal and reiki session: valued at $77

» Bonus e-books, crystals, posters, and cards: valued at over $59

» Email support + high-vibe energetic container: valued at over $99

 ...but you can join for just a fraction of that!

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By the end of this 30 days, you’ll have created a daily vibrational healing routine: You’ll know 30 simple crystal practices you can use - any time - to boost your mood, raise your energy, and bring more beauty into your life. And it's all available to you for one low price!

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Let me walk you through 30 days of simple crystal exercises to help you energetically reset. Most of these techniques typically take 5 minutes or less - so you'll definitely be able to fit them into your busy schedule!

Plus, the included crystal kit will give you all of the tools you'll need, to do every exercise. You'll have the option to purchase additional crystals and expand your self-care toolkit; but that is completely up to you. 

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Give yourself the opportunity to create a daily crystal practice and add some beauty, energy, and intention to your routine! 

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Are you ready?? We begin on Valentine's Day: Sunday, February 14!

Enroll by Friday, February 5, to ensure you get your crystal kit in time!

Space is limited - so don't wait!

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**Afterpay is available for installments
**If you're a Crystal Reset Alum and would like to participate again, email me ( for a VERY special price! 

I can't wait to walk you through 30 ways to help you tune in, get grounded, make space, and raise your vibration!

By enrolling in this course, you agree to our standard terms of use.

Refund policy: Due to the need to ship physical products (your crystal kit) as well as the daily digital delivery of content, there are no refunds. If you have any questions, please email me at and I will be happy to help. 

Disclaimer: While I believe in these practices, energetic and vibrational healing, and the power of creating space and opportunities for rest, relaxation, and restoration, I can not guarantee any specific results. Energy work is highly individual and depends on your own, individual situation, intentions, and perceptions. While these exercises are effective and low-risk, please use your own discretion (i.e. if you are not in a safe place to close your eyes, or if sitting for a meditation hurts your knees, please either refrain from the activity or modify it so that it works for your particular needs).