Break up your routine, reset your energy, and get back to some self-care with this 30-day crystal reset!

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It's been a strange several weeks, with the current global events. Many of us are feeling displaced, disoriented, nervous, uncertain, and just plain strange...

There's a lot going on right now - and self-care and intentional action are even more important than usual!


What if there was a way to energetically reset and design a new way to stop and breathe, even for just a few minutes, each day? 

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What if I told you that all of that could be (much!) simpler than you think?

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You will receive one email daily, every day for 30 days, beginning on May 5. I will guide you through 30 different daily exercises you can use immediately, to feel more balanced, grounded, and clear.

This reset includes:

» 30 crystal tips, tricks, ideas, practices, and suggestions that you can implement right away, delivered right to your inbox every day 

» 2 guided meditations 

» Email support  

» An 18-piece crystal and sage kit that will give you everything you need to complete the daily practices. I'll suggest some optional crystals and ideas to upgrade your practice; but you will be able to do everything in the basic reset using this crystal kit 

» One group distance reiki session

» BONUS: A full-color pdf e-guide to the crystals in your kit

» BONUS: Crystals for Self Care + Relaxation pdf e-guide

» BONUS: Smoky quartz tumble

By the end of this 30 days, you’ll have created a daily vibrational healing routine. You’ll know 30 simple crystal practices you can use - any time - to boost your mood, raise your energy, and bring more beauty into your life. 

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» Sage wand (cultivated & sustainably harvested)
» Selenite sticks (2)
» Black tourmaline tumble or rough piece (1)
» Clear quartz tumbles (4)
» Quartz point (1)
» Red jasper (1)
» Carnelian (1)
» Citrine (1)
» Green aventurine (1)
» Rose quartz (1)
» Sodalite (1)
» Labradorite (1)
» Amethyst (1)
» Himalayan salt (1)
» Crystal pendant (1)

*This kit may change slightly, as I finalize all daily practices - but this is a good representation of what will be included

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Let me walk you through 30 days of simple crystal exercises to help you energetically reset. Most of these techniques typically take 5 minutes or less - so you'll definitely be able to fit them into your busy schedule!

Plus, the included crystal kit will give you all of the tools you'll need, to do every exercise. You'll have the option to purchase additional crystals and expand your self-care toolkit; but that is completely up to you. 

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Give yourself the opportunity to create a daily crystal practice and add some beauty, energy, and intention to your routine! 

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Are you ready?? We begin Tuesday, May 5!

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**Early bird pricing ends Thursday, April 30 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern

I can't wait to walk you through 30 ways to help you tune in, get grounded, make space, and raise your vibration!