We are so excited to be a reseller of Kate's Magik: Pure Essential Oils + Intention-Based Aromatherapy!!

Kate's Magik is a local Tucson brand that I've been using for the past 3 years and have been so happy with - so I'm honored to be able to carry her line for you, right here at Mooncat Crystals!

About Kate's Magik

Kate's Magik strives to provoke the senses, conjure wisdom and call forth peace, love and trust. We create 100% pure, intention-based aromatherapy products to support people on their life-path and invoke positive changes by uniting the power of intention with the beautiful aromas of earth's sacred and medicinal plants.

Kate’s Magik was founded by therapeutic perfumer Kate Becker. Her reiki-charged formulas are aromatic tools to help us overcome life’s challenges and live each day with purpose. Kate’s blends not only smell divine but serve as a powerful, therapeutic approach to healing and transformation.

Each product is hand-blended in small batches with love and mindfulness in historic downtown Tucson. Our production staff is comprised of reiki practitioners who support our mission to contribute to the overall healing of the planet by helping people empower themselves with intention-based aromatherapy.