Small Business Consulting

Are you thinking about starting a small business - but feeling like there's too much to do and learn before you even begin?

Are you unsure about platforms, social media, pricing, shipping, or any of the other basics? Do you wish you could skip the learning curve and the setup and just dive right in? 

I've been where you are: I've started from scratch, built my business from the ground up, and have learned a lot along the way. 

Business licenses; bank accounts; buying stock; packaging; shipping; sorting; listing; social media; and more: If you need some advice on getting your small shop up and running, let's talk!

I offer 1:1 consulting calls, where you can ask me anything! I'll always tell you what I've found to work, what I've tried, or what I avoid, based on your questions. Interested? I'd love to hear from you, to see if this is the right fit! Email me at for additional information and to book a call.