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Article: 10 Ways to Use Crystal Chips

10 Ways to Use Crystal Chips

10 Ways to Use Crystal Chips

10 Ways to use Crystal Chips

How do you use crystal chips? Crystal chips are tiny, rough or tumbled pieces of crystals. When crystals are carved into shapes, or cut up into pieces, often there are small pieces left over. These get cut even smaller, into "chip" sizes - or mini versions of tumbled stones. 

Crystal chips are often overlooked, since they are so tiny. They can seem tricky to hold individually, carry, or display. However, crystal chips are actually really versatile. In this blog post, you'll learn 10 ways to use crystal chips in your home and healing practice. 

As Decor 

It's so easy to use crystal chips in home decor! You can fill a pretty glass or crystal bowl with one or more types of stones as a display.

You can layer them, or mix them to achieve your desired aesthetic.

You can also use them to replace the sand in zen garden displays or as "filler" in similar applications. 

In Candles 

You can add some crystal chips into your homemade candles to decorate the top. You can also use them to "dress" (add your intentions and wishes to) candles you purchase from the store. Of course, never leave burning candles unattended. 

Around Your Door 

You can sprinkle a few crystal chips around your doorway or your property line, to infuse crystal energy into your home or yard. Based on your intentions (prosperity, energetic protection, love), choose the types of stones and then sprinkle them where you'd like.

In Your Plant Pots 

Crystals go so well with plants - they're like a perfect pair! You can use crystal chips in your plant pots to bring the energy of growth and health to your plants (try green crystals, such as moss agate or green aventurine, or clear quartz).

In Moon Water 

If you are making moon water, you could also sprinkle in a few crystal chips to add another energetic layer. If you add crystals, be sure that they are water safe. Some great crystals to try for this purpose are clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, or citrine.

(Note: We never recommend drinking moon water - and that includes moon water infused with crystals)

In Intention Jars 

Create special jars or vials with crystals, dried herbs and flowers, found items, and other meaningful pieces. Use these as a way to focus your thoughts and energy, in meditation, reflection, or just everyday life.

These can also simply be a way to create a jar of things you love and that you enjoy seeing. 

For Crafting or Art Projects 

Try adding some crystal chips to a painting, resin art, or any other creative project you're working on. Crystal chips can bring in earth energy, create some texture and interest, or communicate a specific mood or intention. 

Make a "Medicine" Pouch 

Similar to intention jars, try making a pouch of small crystals to carry with you. All you need is a drawstring bag and some crystal chips - although you could add in shells, dried flowers or herbs, or anything else that feels supportive. 

In a Terrarium

If you're making a terrarium with succulents or other small plants, give crystal chips a try instead of some or all of the pebbles you'd use. Again, you'll want to use water-safe crystals: try clear quartz, green aventurine, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, or smoky quartz. 

In a Crystal Grid 

Chips are not too small for crystal grids! You can use them to surround your main generator in the center, in small piles at strategic points, or even as tiny individual components of your grid. 

How Will You Use Crystal Chips?

So there we go: 10 ways to use crystal chips in your healing practice and/or around your home! Which will you try? What is your favorite way to use crystal chips - either on this list, or that wasn't mentioned here? 


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