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Article: Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

What are crystal skulls? 

Crystal skulls may look creepy or macabre - but they actually symbolize much more. In this post, we'll explore some of the mystery and lore of crystal skulls, their history, and what they symbolize. 

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A while ago, while I was shopping around the gem show, I found some quartz crystal skulls. I was super excited because I’d been looking for some, pretty unsuccessfully, for several days. So, as usual, when I’m excited about something I find, I posted it.

I was super surprised to see that the majority reaction was something akin to, “EWWWW!!!” (It’s okay – I’m not mad! I get it 😉 ).

Why do people use crystal skulls?

So, I’ve always been a little surprised, when people have such strong negative reactions to crystals skulls…but I can certainly see why. They are, after all, in the shape of skulls. Bones. Dead. Death. Scary, right? Possibly even evil? Well…maybe not. 😉

According to one of my favorite stone authors (and the vendor I bought that, particular skull from), Ken Harsh, “The [human] skull is shaped so that the brain is the greatest thinking machine on the earth” and “shaped so as to allow maximum brainwave energy patterns and thought in all realms: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual” (p. 142). Think about it: Crystal skulls are modeled after your own noggin’ – so they represent all of the amazing intelligence that humans hold and can harness – whether it’s power we are or aren’t aware of! Crystal skulls, therefore, are believed to store and transmute wisdom and knowledge, “learning” as they connect with their owner(s) and the other crystal skulls they are around.

I have always been fascinated by crystal skulls. I will never forget buying my first one: He was on a sale table, at a price I couldn't pass up, from one of my favorite vendors…and I had just been debating whether or not to buy him a few weeks before, at a different show I’d seen this vendor at. I knew it was there for me!

Crystal skulls seem to date back to the Maya and the Aztecs…and it’s often said that they were part of Atlantean and Lemurian societies, as well (although we haven’t been able to definitively “date” them, so we’re just not sure when they were actually carved). Here’s some research-based history on crystal skulls. The majority of the skulls we see today – unless we’re at a museum – were made fairly recently; they have certainly grown in popularity in recent years. Crystal skulls, while traditionally thought of as being made of clear quartz, are currently being made in a range of stones, giving each one, in addition to the general properties that correspond with the skull shape, the properties of that, specific crystal.

Crystal skulls can connect us with our ancestors, and wisdom that has moved on from this plane. They can be used in ceremonies or on an altar. Crystal skulls are also said to enhance psychic abilities, aid in healing, and assist with spiritual growth. To use them, you can meditate with them or use them in a grid (of their own, or with other crystals). Often, once you get your first crystal skull, others will follow…so feel free to let them hang out together!

fluorite crystal skulls

What do you think? 

Whether they are ancient or young, or have metaphysical and energetic properties or not, crystal skulls are definitely intriguing and unique. Give them another look…perhaps pick one up and see if you can make a connection…maybe bring one (or more!) home with you. See what you feel and what you learn; you just may decide that crystal skulls are exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for! 

So: What kinds of skulls do I have? And which are my favorites?? While ALL of my crystals skulls are my favorites, my absolute faves – my first AND my second ones – are made of fluorite. As a stone of wisdom, this seems to make for a great combination of shape and material. I also have an amethyst skull, an amazonite skull, an aventurine skull, and a white, swirly crazy lace agate skull.

Do you have any crystal skulls? Do you find them any more interesting, now that you know a little more about them?

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