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Article: Using Crystals to Support your Goal or Intention Setting

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Using Crystals to Support your Goal or Intention Setting

Setting Goals + Intentions for the New Year 

As the new year approaches, many of us are taking the time to set meaningful goals. But have you ever considered using crystals to help you manifest your goals?

Crystals can be powerful tools for setting and achieving our goals and, when used correctly, they can help to provide clarity and focus as we strive to make progress and create positive change in our lives.

First, start by selecting the crystals that will best help you reach your goals.

  • Clear quartz is a great choice for general goal-setting, as it helps to promote clarity and focus.
  • Rose quartz is also beneficial and can help to open the heart and cultivate love and understanding, which can be useful when setting relationships goals.
  • Amethyst is great for calming the mind and helping to reduce stress, which can be beneficial when setting goals related to health and wellness.

Once you've chosen the right crystals, it's time to set your intentions. This is a powerful process and requires focus and clarity of thought.

Start by taking a few moments to meditate and visualize your goal. Imagine yourself achieving it and feel the joy and satisfaction that come with success. During this time, hold the crystals in your hands and feel the energy emanating from them.

Now write down your goal on a piece of paper and place it in the center of a circle of crystals. Take a few moments to focus on your goal, and when you're done, take a few moments to thank the crystals for their assistance.

Finally, it's important to take action and stay focused on your goal. Carry the crystals with you or place them in a prominent spot in your home as a reminder of your intention. Whenever you feel discouraged or overwhelmed, take a few moments to reconnect with your goal and the energy of the crystals.

Crystals can be powerful tools for helping us to set and achieve our goals. Take the time to select the right crystals, set your intention, and stay focused and determined, and you can use the power of crystals to manifest your desires.

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