Azurite Blueberry Nodule Pair | Stock A


 Our Azurite Blueberries from Russia are a rare and exquisite find for crystal collectors and healing practitioners alike. These small, round blueberries are made from natural Azurite, a deep blue mineral known for its powerful healing properties.

Azurite is said to promote intuition, enhance creativity, and stimulate the intellect. It is also believed to aid in communication, especially with higher realms and spirit guides. In crystal healing, Azurite is often used to support the third eye and throat chakras, promoting clear communication and spiritual insight.

These Azurite Blueberries have a beautiful natural texture and deep blue color, with unique patterns and variations that make each one truly one-of-a-kind. They make a beautiful addition to any crystal collection, and can also be used for meditation, energy healing, or simply as a decorative piece.

Our Azurite Blueberries are sourced directly from Russia, where they are hand-selected for their quality and beauty. They are carefully packaged to ensure safe and secure delivery to you. Add these rare and beautiful crystals to your collection today and experience the power of Azurite for yourself!

You will receive the exact one (1) pair of Azurite Blueberries shown.

This crystal is from: Afghanistan

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