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Article: Thanksgiving Thoughts - Gratitude in Motion

Woman in a gratitude practice

Thanksgiving Thoughts - Gratitude in Motion

Gratitude in Motion 

This week, the topic on everyone's mind and great sales. LOL!

I know that there's a lot of flack for this in the online space (and there's nothing wrong with taking a moment to hear out some alternative narratives - it can help give us perspective as well as strengthen and refine our own beliefs).

But what if I told you that there's actually nothing wrong with indulging in some good food, rest, family, and shopping this weekend?

We're so often told that consumerism is bad.

That we're too materialistic.

That Black Friday sales are gross.

That we've lost our way, through the holidays.

And on and on - you know how it goes.

And it can make us feel pretty sh!tty. And selfish. And confused.
But what if there's actually a different way to think about all of this? What if there's a way to not only love these holidays, but also to love indulging in them, however you want to?

Here's the thing: if you like shopping, shop. If you love snagging a great deal, do it. If you love eating a ton of turkey, or all the mashed potatoes, or a slice of every kind of pie - it's all fine.

This week - and every other day - instead of feeling bad about all of the things you "shouldn't" (says who, exactly, though??) be doing - try feeling grateful that you CAN do any/all/the ones you choose.

What if you were grateful for big sales?

What if you were grateful you got to treat yourself?

What if you were grateful for 16 kinds of pie?

What if you were grateful that you got to share a meal with {whoever you do}?

What if you consciously chose to shop while exuding gratitude?

What if you sent gratitude to small businesses offering sales?

What if you said more "thank you"s to employees at brick and mortar stores, while you were picking up the last-second ingredient you forgot to buy?

What if you were grateful for a day that many people have off?

What if you celebrated that so many people paused - even for a moment - to acknowledge some level of gratitude this week?

What if you focused on the abundance?

What if you focused on the opportunity?

What if you focused on the community?

What if you focused on how good YOU can feel, today, this week, or for the rest of this year?

What if you just inhaled deeply - and allowed?

Today, this week, whatever you're doing, whoever you are with, I am wishing you peace, joy, gratitude - and that you get to enjoy it however you want.

You can indulge without being selfish.

You can enjoy abundance and excess without shame.
The key is doing it in gratitude. Doing it because you love it. Doing it all with joy, and awareness, and goodwill.

Let yourself BE gratitude in motion.

Let yourself FEEL abundance.

Let yourself EXPERIENCE overflow - whatever that looks like, in this moment.

Gratitude in motion is a way of life. It's an opportunity, every moment, every day, to choose to live in a way that honors what we are and all we have now, how far we've come, and all that is coming - in whatever timeframe that is.

Gratitude in motion is giving thanks - over and over - as a way of life. Not just on a holiday. Not just when we get something new and shiny (although those are great opportunities, too). Choose gratitude this week - and then do the things that make you feel good...whatever they are.

I'm grateful for you. xx


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