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Article: Harnessing the Energy of the Pink Super Moon

Harnessing the Energy of the Pink Super Moon

Harnessing the Energy of the Pink Super Moon

3 Pink Super Moon crystals you'll want to try this week

Monday is the full pink super moon, but we are already in its energy and magic. This full super moon is about about change, forward movement, self-love, and worthiness.
Generally, full moons are about harnessing the light from the moon, harvesting the seeds and intentions we've sown (during the new moon), and illuminating what is typically hidden.
If you're looking for some crystals to support you during the full moon, I've got some suggestions for you! 


Named after the Goddess of the Moon, Selene, selenite is probably THE crystal people think about, when they think about full moon energy and crystals to work with during a full moon - and for obvious reasons! Satin spar selenite has an incredible ability to reflect light: just like the moon does, with light from the sun. Selenite spheres are especially well-connected with the full moon, but any selenite makes a great choice. Selenite can also help to clear away anything stagnant or stuck-feeling: and the full moon is commonly said to be a good time to release anything that is no longer for you. Harness the full moon to release, along with the clearing properties of selenite.


Another common crystal for working with moon energy is moonstone. With its characteristic shimmer, it's no wonder that this crystal is often connected to the magic and energy of the moon. Moonstone carries a soft, feminine energy, as well as a connection to the divine - just as the moon does. Moonstone is also associated with new beginnings. Use it to tap into the energy of the full moon, as well as to help keep you balanced, if you notice that the full moon affects you too much. Moonstone comes in a wide variety of colors, including this peach moonstone. Rainbow moonstone (white matrix with a blue flash) is also commonly used when working with full moon energy.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is such a great all-purpose stone - and it's here on the list for the full moon, as well! Clear quartz is amazing at capturing, reflecting, and refracting light: so it's a perfect crystal for the full moon. Give it a try - and see how your clear quartz plays with the light from the moon. Clear quartz is also an excellent stone for scrying and gazing. Try sitting quietly and using the full moon to illuminate a clear quartz sphere. Gaze into it and see what it reveals to you.

Free Full Moon Meditation Music 

If you want a beautiful track to help you celebrate the full moon, you'll love this! This Full Moon Meditation Music is set to 528hz Solfeggio Frequency and is perfect to listen to while you cleanse or charge your crystals, do a full moon meditation or ritual, or just enjoy the light of the full moon. 

Click on the image below to get it now!

 full moon meditation music

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