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Crystal Healing + Manifestation

A closeup of a large piece of flint with a woodsy background

Metaphysical Properties of Flint

A closeup of a large piece of flint with a woodsy background

Metaphysical Properties of Flint

Flint is believed to possess grounding and protective qualities, as well as the ability to dispel negativity, enhance intuition, aid in manifestation, and facilitate spiritual connection.

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Plants with shadows on a white wall

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Updates + Insights

An update on reconstruction and some thoughts and insights, 5 days post-op.

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An array of yellow crystal points

Crystals for Summer

It's the hottest time of the year for the Northern Hemisphere - and with that, comes all of the fun, magic, and outdoor activities of the summer months.  Whether you like to relax by the pool, ind...

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A pile of raw pink kunzite crystals

Metaphysical Properties of Kunzite

Kunizite is a stone that is said to help connect the head with the heart, encourages loving thoughts, and helps express emotions.

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Tumbled stones on a paper on a desk.

12 Reasons We Love Tumbled Stones

  How do you use tumbled stones? Tumbled stones are the jack-of-all-trades crystals: they are versatile, often affordable, and have tons of uses.  They might get overlooked at times, since they ar...

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Smoky quartz cluster on a pastel background

Smoky Quartz: Metaphysical Properties

Smoky quartz is a grounding and protective stone known for its ability to transmute negative energies. It promotes relaxation, emotional stability, and spiritual growth.

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A pile of moonstone spheres

Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone is an ethereal and calming stone, associated with feminine energy and intuition. Enhances emotional balance, inner harmony, and intuition. Promotes new beginnings and spiritual growth.

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An array of crystals on a colorful blanket at the beach

Does Crystal Size Matter?

Does crystal size matter? Are bigger crystals better? Do I always have to buy the biggest crystal I can afford? Do small crystals even work? Get the answers to these questions and more, in this blo...

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Pyrite crystal, cash, and desk accessories

Crystals for Tax Time

Which crystals are good for tax time? It's Tax Day in the U.S.! For some of us, filing our taxes is a relief - being finished on time feels great. However, it can also be a stressful time: lots of...

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A pile of fluorite tumbles

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Fluorite promotes mental clarity, focus, and intuition. It enhances spiritual growth, balance, emotional stability, & offers protection against negative energy.

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rose quartz tumbled stone sitting on a large leaf

Crystals for Spring

Happy spring! It's a time for new beginnings, emerging from cold, still winter, and for new "life" (think baby bunnies, new ideas, and even new ways of being). Here are 6 crystals for spring.

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A woman holding a large selenite sphere that looks like the full moon

Why You Shouldn't Charge Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

It's so common to hear every month, that you “should” charge your crystals under the full moon. "Don't forget to put them out in the moonlight tonight so they charge under the full moon!" But shou...

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10 Ways to Use Crystal Chips

10 Ways to Use Crystal Chips

If you're not sure how to use crystal chips, you're in the right place! In this blog post, you'll learn 10 ways to use crystal chips and mini tumbled stones in your home and healing practice. 

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Clear crystal-like glass suncatchers on a light background

Crystals for January Masterclass

Happy New Year! January is a time of possibility, intention, and magic. It can be one of the best times of year - but it can also be a little overwhelming, if you're feeling like you aren't sure ...

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A Christmas holiday scene with pastel ornaments, a selenite tower, and a mini Christmas tree

Crystals for December

Here are my top crystal picks for December - plus a free gift, to help you get some clarity, calm, and peace throughout the month!

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Magical tools like a mini cauldron, candles, herbs, and crystals

Activate Your Most Magical Vibes with these Crystals for Halloween

Protection, ancestor connection, grounding, and divination: check out these crystals to tap into the energy of the season!

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Close up picture of black obsidian

Obsidian Metaphysical Properties

Obsidian is known for its protective qualities and its ability to bring clarity, balance, and grounding. It can also help dispel negative emotions and psychic clutter.

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Chakra colors in a kaleidoscope arrangement

Crystals for the Chakras

Balance your chakras with crystals Chakras are energy centers inside the body: you can picture them as spinning wheels of light. This system of energy centers is said to influence your overall exp...

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Large stump of colorful Arizona petrified wood

Petrified Wood: Metaphysical Properties

Petrified wood is a grounding and stabilizing stone that embodies the energy of ancient trees. It promotes patience, connection to the Earth, and personal growth.

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A hand holding several pieces of serpentine tumbles

Metaphysical Properties of Serpentine

Historically, serpentine has been used for the creation of mortars; for this reason, it quickly became the stone of doctors, chemists, and alchemists.

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Outfits and crystals that coordinate with them

Style Your Crystals

Not sure what to wear this weekend? Try pairing your outfit look with some crystal vibes! Check out these fab pairings for some inspo! Outfits are available from Sequins & Sass Boutique - and ...

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how to use loose herbs for smudging smoke cleansing

Using Loose Herbs for Smoke Cleansing

Discover the benefits of smoke cleansing, learn how to use loose herbs for this practice, and find out exactly which herbs are best to use.

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Woman holding a crystal between her hands

Programming a Crystal: 3 Simple Steps

What does it mean to program a crystal? Programming your crystal is, at its core, giving it a clear purpose - or job - in your life. Programming a crystal refers to the process of clearing it...

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amethyst in a bowl and an amethyst geode on a table

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst is said to be a connection to spirituality and the divine, as well as helping to increase intuition. It is also said to be helpful with balance, sleep, and in dreaming.

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A pile of Chinese jade tumbles

Metaphysical Properties of Jade

Jade is a revered stone known for its harmonizing and balancing properties. It promotes emotional well-being, love, and abundance while offering protection against negative energies.

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woman cleansing and charging her crystals

3 Easy Ways to Cleanse and Recharge Your Crystals

How do you cleanse your crystals? You've found a gorgeous new crystal (or three)! When you bring your crystal home, especially if you'll be using it for any type of energy or metaphysical work, ...

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Woman wearing black sitting with a pyrite crystal in her hand

Pyrite Metaphysical Properties

Energizing and protective, pyrite enhances willpower, abundance, and confidence. It shields against negativity and stimulates creativity and manifestation.

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A pile of rose quartz tumbles

Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a gentle and nurturing stone that embodies love and compassion. It promotes emotional healing, self-love, and harmonious relationships. 

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morning ritual routine with crystals

Crystals to Start Your Day

Create a morning routine with crystals Are you a morning person? We all know that a morning routine is an essential way to treat ourselves and our bodies well and get into the right mindset for t...

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Harnessing the Energy of the Pink Super Moon

Harnessing the Energy of the Pink Super Moon

3 Pink Super Moon crystals you'll want to try this week Monday is the full pink super moon, but we are already in its energy and magic. This full super moon is about about change, forward movement...

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